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The difference between horsepower and torque is...

I have the more detailed explanation of this elsewhere in this Tech Tips section but the short, funny version of what the difference between horsepower and torque is; When a race car hits the wall during a race, "horsepower" is how fast the car hits the wall. "Torque" is how far that car moves the wall.

Think of it like this; You can stop a 10 year old kid going 10 MPH on a bicycle by grabbing his handlebars and biting your feet into the ground, but you can NOT stop a a 10 year old kid if he were coming at you at 10 MPH in a 3 ton pick-up truck, no matter HOW hard you bite your feet into the ground and try to stop it. Torque is inertia... horsepower is speed. That's about as simple as it can be put.

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