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This is more of what we have to deal with on a daily basis

A lot of people know that aside from building bad to the bone engines and cars, we also produce and manufacture a line of highly detailed DVDs on how to build engines, how to rebuild performance carbs, etc. called Auto Shop Videos. You can click HERE if you want to check them out. Places like Summit Racing Equipment, Jeg's, Competition Products, Speedway Motors and a whole bunch of others sell our DVDs. In fact, they are the ONLY engine building DVDs that most of these places carry and sell because they are that good, but even with that, we get the morons on pretty much a daily basis finding ways of letting the world know just what kind of morons they really are, for instance, the dork that posted a "rating" for one of our videos and his oh-so-intelligent comment on Summit Racing's web site:

"Well, sometimes the experts even get it wrong. Zero lash, I believe, has to be set at TDC on the compression stroke, or on the base circle. You can't just go down the row of rocker arms."

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"Get it wrong?" Just what the hell does he think I show on how to adjust valve lash? I show how to find the base circle ON the compression stroke, (when both valves are closed), which is when both lifters are ON the base circle, and then (out of convenience), do the same thing to the next set of rockers on that side of the engine so you aren't jumping from side to side just to make life a little easier, but evidently this rocket scientist can't comprehend that simple task and in an attempt to make himself seem like he has an IQ greater than his shoe size, he left that stupid comment and a bad rating! And worse yet, two other dorks said this review was helpful! Good gawd, ya just can't fix stupid! The only one who has it wrong is the dork that left that comment! This is exactly why most engine building shops and custom car building shops don't want to talk to anybody, or answer any questions, because a lot of people out there really are that stupid! OK, that's my rant. LOL!

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