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Does BAD-ASS Racing build stock replacement engines?

Yes, we can build you a stock replacement engine. It isn't uncommon for us to meet or beat some of the "crate motor" prices out there, and you'll end up with a better engine!

Our bone stock replacement engines get only top quality, name brand parts put in them and they are built specially for you by Arron himself. We tailor your engine for your specific application. Have a truck that needs a little more balls for pulling that boat trailer? Not a problem. Want an engine specifically for gas mileage? Not a problem. Want a stock engine with just a little more cam for "that sound"? We can do it!

When you buy a crate motor, you get what you get. It's a general engine designed to cover a lot of applications and that isn't always the best way to go. An F-100 1/2 ton truck pulling a trailer is going to need a different engine than a 68 Mustang, even though they both have 302 engines... they're not the same!

Generic crate motors sound good because they're brand new at an attractive price. Well, keep in mind, crate motors aren't always what they're cracked-up to be. Aside from most crate engines being built down in mexico, many of them have plastic timing covers, and the blocks are thinner, among other things. I see a lot of returned and defective crate motors lying around the dealerships. Some guy's say, "yeah, but for $1,400.00, I got a 300 Horsepower 350!" Well just remember... you get what you pay for! Remember, horsepower is cheap, strength and quality cost money!

Also remember.... a generic engine with a generic power rating is usually not the best way to go. Going back to the F-100 and 68 Mustang examples I gave earlier, the truck might require less horsepower but more torque for towing, but the mustang might require a higher horsepower rating but less torque. It's all relevant to the application, which you don't get with a crate motor.

It's no brain surgery getting good horsepower or torque out of an engine, but they ARE different, and different applications require different engine combinations. You don't get choices like that with crate engines, nor the quality you get with ours.

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