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How To Re-Curve A Distributor, And Why!

How To Re-Curve A Distributor, And Why!

How To Re-Curve A Distributor, and Why You Need To Do It.

One of the least expensive and best bangs for the buck to gain power and performance is to re-curve your distributor. I don't care if you just bought a brand new $500 billet distributor or not, I can guarantee you that it isn't set-up for the best performance right from the get-go. 

One of the keys to a car's performance is getting the power to come-on at the right time. The fact of the matter is; almost all distributors are set-up completely wrong right out of the box. It's an almost automatic "gimme" that you need to re-curve it to get the timing the engine needs to make power as soon as possible. 

Engines need advance (timing) as soon as possible in order to accelerate. Without getting advance soon enough, it makes the engine sluggish, it'll have less idle vacuum, less throttle response and will generally just be a turd. No one wants their car to be a turd, right? The key is getting the distributor to give the engine all of its mechanical advance early in the RPM range, but most distributors do the exact opposite and won't give full advance until about 4,500 RPM. If you want your car to launch hard, have much better throttle response, have better idle vacuum, get better gas mileage and even make the cam sound a little more radical, then you need the advance to be all-in by about 2,500 RPM (+ or -).  Watch the video below to see how it's done, and why you need to do this little modification. 

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