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How do I order a BAD-ASS engine?

It's pretty simple, once we've gone over everything you want and tailor the engine and price to your exact needs and budget, and you KNOW you want to buy it, I'll sit down and write it all up on a shop invoice. First I write it in an e-mail so you'll have an electronic "paper trail" of what we've discussed. Once that's all agreed on, I'll write it up on an actual shop work order, scan it, and then e-mail you a copy.

EVERYTHING gets written out on the shop work order in great detail as to exactly what you will be getting with an exact price, and you get a copy right then and there via e-mail (assuming you're out of our area and can't be here in person). Then you simply make out your check with the work order number on it and send it to us. This assures you of exactly what you will be getting.

As far as payment goes; we work on a working capital "retainer" system. In other words, we require a deposit before we will order ANY parts or start building ANY engine. Once we get your deposit, we get started. When we get to the point where your deposit is used-up in parts and/or labor, we'll then require a progress payment to continue, or to finish it, depending on what we agreed upon. Some people plop down the whole amount, other's put down a 50%-60% (or more) deposit so we can get started and then make a progress payment during the build when we have used-up the deposit amount in parts and/or labor. Other people just send the full amount. Either way, the balance is always due upon completion. Again... the main thing is that the balance of the engine is paid-up IN FULL by the time it is finished. In other words, the balance is due on, or before, the time of completion. That means when the engine is finished, not when you feel like coming-in to pick it up, or when you feel you are ready to pay it off. What we don't want to do is fork-out thousands of OUR dollars to complete YOUR engine and then find out you don't have the funds to pay it off in full immediately, or can;t get it for a few months and we end-up sitting on a bunch of money waiting for you to get your act together to get us paid off.

You have to keep in mind, we build 20 or more engines at a time, most of which are high dollar engines, ($10,000 - $40,000 ). If we have $5,000 of our money into each engine, that means over $100,000 or more at any given time of OUR money is tied-up in people's projects, not including 15 or so cars here getting built with even more of our money tied-up into them! We don't like to operate that way so we try to make sure everybody's project is "caught-up" money wise, or has some sort of reserve deposit down (working capital) on it to cover parts and labor up to the point of where that particular engine project is.

If you are not serious and/or ready to make a purchase, please don't waste our time by having us put a price together, or make out a work order for you! It takes quite a bit of valuable time to sit down and look-up all of the parts and prices needed to put that stuff together, and time is not something that comes easy around here. When you are ready to make a decision to get started, we'll be glad to put something together for you.

If you want more information on getting a price for an engine, or if you want to find-out what YOU need to be thinking about before you even ask us for a price on any particular engine, then please click HERE and watch the videos we made telling you exactly what you need to know, and what to consider BEFORE you make any decision, whether it's with us, or with someone else.

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