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What do your engines come with?

We get this one a lot. Remember, we build CUSTOM engines, so your engine can come any way you want it to come. In other words, as complete as you want it to be, from a long block to a fully dynod "turn key" engine.

We even get questions sometimes like "do your engines come assembled?". Hello? Of course they come assembled! Here's the deal, NONE of our engines exist ahead of time. In other words, we don't pre-build engines and put them on a shelf waiting for someone to come along and buy it. That's what generic crate motors are for.

When you order an engine, we build it to YOUR specific needs and wants. We can add, subtract or change anything you want. If we pre-built engines and had them laying around, they would be nothing more than generic crate engines that come they way SOMEONE ELSE wants you to have it, not the way YOU want to have it... we don't build boring, generic crate engines like that!

If you want an engine with no valve covers and no carburetor, we can do that for you. If you want one with a distributor but no timing cover, we can do that too. If you want one painted pink with green stripes with everything on it from the oil pan to an after market EFI system, we can do that for you too. EVERY option is open. The only limitation is your check book. if you've got the funds, we can put anything you want together for you.

There is no one perfect engine package or horsepower rating, or we would surely be building it! Whether you want an engine that is just a bare bones long block, or one that is completely polished out and ready to run, an engine from us can come ANY WAY YOU WANT IT TO COME.

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