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What's the difference between a BAD-ASS engine and one from my local discount auto parts supplier?

We run into this one all of the time. People call, asking for a price on a rebuilt "stock" engine and compare our price to the $799 price they see advertised at their local discount auto parts store. There's a BIG difference between our engines and those so-called "rebuilt" engines.

Our engines always get ALL new internal parts such as pistons, cam, lifters, oil pump, oil pump drive shaft, timing gears and chain, bearings, push rods, rocker arms, valves, valve springs, and so on. Those bargain priced engines get rebuilt by some kid making $6.00 an hour that has the choice to re-use certain parts that "look OK" to him and are thought to be reusable, (as if he is an expert), plus they do "valve jobs" instead of replacing the seats and valves with new ones like we do when we remanufacture a head.

If you go to your local parts store and read the whole advertisement, it will say things like, "valve job", "re-ground cam", and there is always an "*" symbol next to all of the new parts listed. When you look at the bottom of the sign it says in real fine print, "New parts replaced as needed". HELLO? That means that if they thought the pistons "looked OK", they'll re-use them, or if the old rocker arms, timing sets, push rods and so on "looked OK", they can be re-used! Is that what you call a rebuilt engine, and is that something you want to put in your car? You get what you pay for!

It's no skin off their nose to hand you another engine when that $799 piece of crap takes a dump on you, but it's YOU that has to take the time to rip-out the old one and put another one of their pieces of crap back-in, which will probably go bad as well! If you aren't doing your own work then it's going to cost you money every time the engine has to come back out and go back in.

We have a zero return rate here. Since 1978, when we first started building engines, we have had no engines returned fo dis-satisfaction! Does that tell you anything? As we say in here all over the place, you get what you pay for! What you THINK might be saving you money by buyinga "bargain priced" engine can end-up costing you 2 or 3 times as much if you had just done it right the first time and bought something that was high quality.

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