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How long does it take to build a Bad-Ass engine?

As we've said before, we don't pre-build ANY engines. Each and every one of our engines is built by Arron himself specifically for your individual needs, which is why we allow variances in horsepower ratings and options depending on which cam profile we go with, or which compression ratio, heads we use, and so on.

We always have anywhere from 20 to 30+ engines at a time in the shop being built. Some of these are stock replacement engines and others might be anything from 400 to 700+ HP street / strip engines, to all out blown alky dragster engines.

Once we receive payment, we immediately start picking out your block and getting parts for your engine on order. You must keep in mind though, you are in line and are behind the people who ordered engines before you. We do our best to get your engine finished as promptly as possible but we do NOT rush for anybody! When things get rushed, things get forgotten or screwed-up. We don't build screwed-up engines, and it ain't worth our reputation to start building engines that may have a mishap because someone was in a hurry.

We do not allow people to call every other day asking how their engine is doing. This takes too much of our time, and having to call you back to give you an update every few days gets old real fast! It's pretty simple... If it was done, we?'d call you, or if there was a problem, we'd call you.

On average, we are about 30 - 45 days behind, and it "usually" takes about 35 to 40 days to build an engine, (by the time parts come-in, machining gets done, all of the hand fitting, etc.), so you are most likely looking at about 70 - 90 days from start to finish. Sometimes we can get one done in less time and other times it may take a little longer depending on if parts were on back order, if something had to be custom made, if something needed more machining and attention than normal, etc.. That's just the way it is. Great engines aren't built overnite and there's no such thing as a great pre-built engine.

If something is on back order and is hanging-up the job, you can always opt to have a different brand of part installed, and the price can be adjusted accordingly. One thing we will NOT do though is be held liable or responsible for time constraints on certain engines. We have built many engines where one of a kind, custom made parts had to be made which took several months before they came-in. If you want a unique engine that may require one of a kind components, EXPECT it to take a long time to build unless you are willing to shell out $3,500 for a custom made crank, or $1,500 for a rush order on a custom set of pistons. Usually, there is no problem though. Just figure 2 to 3 months and you'll be in the ball game.


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