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How does one of your 400-450HP 350 engines compare to the 430HP ZZ-4 GM crate engine?

Ok, that's comparing apples to oranges. You can't compare prices to horsepower. You have to look at the whole enchalada and KNOW what you are getting compared to another motor. The ZZ-4 is made in Mexico. I haven't seen any high tech stuff come out of Mexico lately or any top racers use Mexican made GM engines in their cars, have you?

The Mexican made small block Ford blocks from the 70's were actually stronger than the early American one's, but that was due to the severe heat they have down there so they made the block stronger, and besides... we ain't talkin' about Ford's here. These days, it ain't about heat down there in Mexico, it's about hiring a third world country to make parts to compete in the price wars going-on here in America. Otherwise, don't you think GM would still be here in America? Think about it, do you really want a "HECHO EN MEXICO" engine in YOUR American hot rod? 

The ZZ-4 has cast pistons that are made in Brazil. It says BRAZIL right on the under side of the pistons if you don't believe me. Again, is Brazil known for making anything great? We use American made, (usually forged) pistons in our engines!

The ZZ-4 doesn't have hand fitted rings like what we do for EVERY one of our engines!

The ZZ-4 crank may be steel, and so is ours, but what kind of steel do they use? Is it good American 4340 steel like ours, or is it a lesser grade steel? It's like the difference between buying cheap steel tools or buying high quality American made tools. Which one is stronger and better quality?

Yeah, the crate motors use a 4 bolt main block, but again, how well is the block made, and what kind of bolts are used to hold it all together? Those blocks are about 60 Lbs. lighter than a good, early American 350 block. That makes 60 Lbs. less iron holding it all together. Can you say "core shift" and "block deflection"? The bolts holding the main caps on, the heads on, and the rod caps in place are stock bolts, unlike the super strong, name brand ARP bolts we use in our engines. After all, the bolts are the ONLY thing holding the engine together and if they stretch or break, the engine WILL fail.

Their connecting rods are made out of powdered metal. They are rigid and can snap. Our engines use killer 4340 forged steel rods with high tensil strength ARP 8740 steel alloy bolts.

The crate motors use plastic timing covers that can only be used once. It says so right on the cover!Really... do you want an engine with plastic parts on it?

Now for the "go fast" stuff. The ZZ-4 comes as a 355HP version. You can add the "fast burn" head option for an additional $450.00 and the so-called "hot cam kit" for an extra $700.00 but guess who gets to put it all in? YOU do! They don't come from GM with that stuff on them.

They also offer a 430HP set-up for the ZZ-4 engines as well, and that's fine and dandy, but you are still comparing apples to oranges when you compare one of those to one of ours. The heads we use are WAY better and make MORE power than the fast burn heads, and the cam profiles we use are also better for making serious power, and again our stuff ain't made in mexico!

Does the ZZ-4 come fully balanced? No. It's "bulk" balanced like all engines are when they came from the factory, and believe us, that ain't within a 1/4 gram like our engines are.

We use high quality, super strong chrome moly push rods, the crate motors don't.

We use nice aluminum roller rockers, their basic engines do not.

Our engines are assembled with high quality stainless steel bolts, crate motors don't.

We use great big, 8" nodular iron or high strength steel harmonic balancers on our engines, crate motors don't.

Our engines are machined and assembled by Arron himself, a TRUE professional engine builder with decades of experience, and numerous track records & class champions under his belt who cares a lot about how your engine runs because it's his name on it ,and his ass on the line if it doesn't perform like he says it will. I don't think crate motors are built that way, do you?

There is no comparison between the generic crate engine and our Bad-Ass engines. Look, we ain't knocking Mexican or Brazilian people, or their countries,. we like ALL people, and we're sure Mexico and Brazil are nice places to vist with nice people living there. We aren't putting down crate motors either. They are what they are, and if you want a cheap, reliable engine, that is built "OK", then maybe that is the way to go for you. We are simply pointing out that there is a HUGE difference between what we use in our engines and how we build our engines compared to what is in crate engines and how they are built.  You need to compare apples to apples and not apples to oranges when looking at the price differences between their's and our's. Prices and horsepower ratings are NOT the only things to consider when shopping for a new power plant, we think you know that now.

Just remember, horsepower is cheap to make. Strength and quality is what costs money! Just like buying high quality tools as opposed to cheap - crappy tools. You get what you pay for!  Engines are no different.

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