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OK, I am ready to buy. Tell me the exact specs on the engine I am going to get

Uh, no. Although you want to know exactly what you are getting in your engine as far as the parts and quality goes, you don't need to know the cam specs, the part numbers and certain things like that right away. Before you get ANY info like that, we need to know that you are indeed going to make the purchase and aren't going to take all of the info we give you and run. We'll know that when your deposit has arrived.

It takes a LOT of time to sit down and write out every part, every detail and every spec on an engine and figure out what cam we are going to use, what pistons make the right compression we want to go with with the combustion chamber sizes and rod lengths we're using, etc. There are MANY other factors involved as well, such as researching which brands of components MAKE the parts we need to achieve the combo we're looking for that suits your needs the best.

We get lots of e-mails and phone calls from people wanting to know exactly what's in some of our engines. Until you become a true customer, we aren't going to tell you the lift and duration on our custom cams so you can go get your own somewhere else, or what piston / rod / head combos we're using to get the kind of power and performance we get, so you can go out and try to buy that stuff from Summit racing. That ain't going to happen. Yes, crate engines give all of their specs, but it's a CRATE ENGINE! We don't build generic crate engines here.

We get people asking for that kind of info every day and if we spent all of that time giving out free info and "recipies" on exactly what to use to build a great engine, we would be out of business. Think of it like this; try calling the corporate headquarters of Kentucky Fried Chicken and ask for the specs on their "11 herbs and spices" they use in their receipe!  Uh, that ain't gonna happen either. Your mom might make great fried chicken, but it ain't the recipe that made a multi billion $ empire!

A funny story. We had one particular customer we were building a Pro-Stock style engine for (a $50,000+ all aluminum engine) that strung us along for weeks and weeks, taking up our time every day and blowing smoke up our asses guaranteeing he was going to buy the engine. Each day he would push a little more to get more info on exactly what we were putting in this engine. He had the balls to ask for every spec and every part number, and he wanted us to give reasons why we chose those parts and materials, PLUS he wanted comparisons as to why we would go with what we chose over other brands. Something like that would take days to write and it would be a damn book when it was done! Besides, we aren't a school for teaching people why we do what we do and why we choose what we choose. If you want to learn about that, we have DVDs you can buy.

Needless to say, after we helped this idiot and gave him all of the information on the engine, (stupid us, but you learn by your mistakes), when it came time to drop the cash, he bolted and took all of our info and ran with it. Then he tried building the engine himself. Well, it blew-up on it's first run and needless to say, we had told everybody we could about this moron and he was basically laughed off the race track after that catastrophic failure.

It was such a sweet sight seeing that engine grenade like it did! Serves him right. Knowing what parts to choose isn't even half the battle, the machining, layout, tuning and so on has MORE to do with it than the parts sometimes. He obviously wasn't that smart.

So, in a nut shell, we will tell you what "type" of materials you are getting, such as stock rods, 5140 steel rods, 4340 steel rods, or whether they are I-beams or H-beams, the stroke of the crank, what BRAND of parts you'll be getting and so on BEFORE you drop the cash, BUT if you want to know all of the real nitty gritty specs, part numbers and so on, it won't happen until a check is written and sitting on our desk.

This may sound harsh to some people but you have to understand, we have no proof that you will buy the engine once we give you all of the info that has taken us DECADES to learn with literally hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of time and parts in trial and error testing just so you can take that info and run.

What we CAN do is prove that we are an honest business that is in good standing with the California Bureau of Automotive Repair, with NO complaints filed with the BBB....EVER! Our state license is valid and we have a LONG list of happy clients and happy businesses we deal with on a daily basis that YOU can check on BEFORE you write your check out so you'll KNOW that we are legitimate and on the up-and-up. You can be confident in knowing that you are going to get exactly what you paid for, and nothing less.

The BAR has an online search for checking businesses for this very reason so you can be sure you are dealing with a good, honest company. We want your business and we always help out our customer's beyond what other engines builder's ever do, but we also need to cover our ass too. We hope you understand.

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