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Do you guy's do engine installations?

We get this question all of the time, and the answer is, of course we do! We install and swap engines, tranny's and rear-ends. We install and convert disc brake assemblies, we do custom fuel and brake line plumbing, we install suspension systems and do suspension upgrades, we build and install roll bars and a whole slew of other services. On all custom work we charge "time and materials" on everything, and right now the current shop rate is $115 an hour.

The great thing about us is we have a very low overhead because we own our building, it contents and the property outright, so we don't have a large overhead and huge monthly payments to make, and we don't spend money on advertising. ALL of our business is "word of mouth" from happy customer's passing-on the good word about us to other's. We're not even in the yellow pages! With that, our overhead costs are much lower than most other shops, so we can make you a better deal on parts and labor than most other shops.

The majority of other shops charge "book rate", and what this means is they go to a "standardized" book with a list of cars and trucks in it and labor times for how long jobs take. It is VERY common for these books to over estimate times by a pretty big percent. This means, if you take your car to a local shop and they tell you "the book says it's going to take 13 hours to do this job", BUT they get it done in 8 hours, YOU are still going to get billed for the 13 hours, even though they only worked on your car for 8 hours! According to the state laws, this is perfectly legal. We don't feel this is honest or ethical, so we only charge you for the time spent doing the job and not a minute more! That means you get what you pay for, not ripped-off!

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