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How much is an engine installation?

Every car and truck is different, so every removal / install price will be different. We hear guy's bragging that they can "rip an engine out in 2 hours, and have it back-in again in 3-4 hours". Yeah right! We've seen these "jobs" before and two weeks later, they're still adjusting loose bolts, wobbly and crooked brackets, wires run all over the place like spaghetti, shift linkages that aren't adjusted, exhaust leaks, the engine bay looks like crap, and so on. You want a job like that done on YOUR car?

To do a nice job and not take a torch to everything to get it out, break bolts-off, scratch fenders & paint, and so on, it takes time. It also takes time to re-assemble everything, clean parts, glass bead and paint certain parts that you might want to re-use again so they look nice, and to degrease / clean and paint the engine bay, and all of that.

A basic engine R&R job requires at least 25 hours of labor, and usually a little more like 30 or so. At our current shop rate of $115 an hour, you are looking at at least $2,875 - $3,450 (or so) for the basic labor. Of course anytime there is custom work, fabrication, problems with rusty or old parts, exhaust modifications, tranny and/or rear-end work, a bunch of old parts that need to be cleaned & painted, dozens of bolts that need to get cleaned, etc, it adds to that time accordingly. It's really hard figure an accurate price for that kind of stuff ahead of time, so sometimes on top of a "basic" installation price, you might run into some extra "time and materials" to deal with things that you might not even have known you needed.

Of course there are also the "unforeseen" things we run into where someone previously butchered something that we need to un-butcher, hidden rust, rats nest wiring that is next to impossible to figure-out without the potential of causing an electrical fire down the road, cracked frames and motor mount brackets that need cleaning up and welded, etc., etc. Of course we let you know if we find something like that, and ask you what you want us to do about it before we continue, but just know that with older cars it is common to run into things like that. If you'd like, we can even take pictures of it and e-mail them to you so you can see the problem yourself. This helps document the situation better.

Another thing to consider is going a step further while the engine is out and have us de-grease and paint the engine bay so it looks nice under the hood when your new engine is installed. This usually only takes a couple of extra hours to do, plus a few cans of degreaser and paint. If the bay or frame is pretty rusty, we can clean it up with Rust Inhibitor and then paint it so it stops the rust. It's worth it if you want it to look nice when your new engine goes in. We always try to do a nice job of cleaning things so the install looks really nice.

You'll also need to allow enough money for the new parts you're going to want to install with your new engine, such as all of the tune-up parts (plugs, wires, cap, rotor, air filter, fuel filter, oil filter, oil, tranny fluid, etc.), plus you'll most likely want to install new belts, hoses, hose clamps, fuel / heater and vacuum lines, new motor mounts, a new tranny mount, a new thermostat, new high flow water pump, new high flow fuel pump, and so on. Some people even go with a new radiator, a new or upgraded exhaust system, etc. while their car is here.

Then there are custom / cool things to consider with your new install such as a new chrome alternator, a new starter, aluminum pulleys and brackets, a new aluminum radiator, new fan, custom made braided steel fuel lines and things like that. And don't forget, if you are having new headers installed, we'll need to trailer your car down to the exhaust shop to have them hook-up your old exhaust to the new headers, or if you want, have a whole new exhaust system installed. You need to consider the extra costs involved for parts and labor to install all of that kind of stuff.

Engines that are supercharged or that have nitrous oxide systems being installed will also have more installation time to wire things-in, plumb-in new fuel lines, deal with brackets that don't want to fit right, run larger fuel lines from the tank to the engine, special throttle linkages that need to be fabricated, installing extra gauges such as a fuel pressure or blower boost gauge, etc. This stuff can add-up pretty fast, but you just invested a lot of money for a really nice engine, so you want it done right... once, and be done with it.

Many shops have NO CLUE what to do when it comes to performance engines, or when it comes time to start and run-in a new performance engine. We get calls every week from shops across the nation wanting to know what to do with the performance engine they just installed, many of which aren't even engines we've built. Unfortunately, we can't spend any time with those guys. Do you want a shop like that doing YOUR engine install, or trying to fire YOUR new engine up?

We know what we are doing and we do a first rate job that's right the first time. When you are bargain hunting for a "cheap" shop to do your engine install, just remember.... as with anything, you get what you pay for and if they screw-up your nice new engine, it's on you and not us. No one will warranty anything that someone screws-up due to ignorance or stupidity, so you want to make sure the shop that is doing your install knows what they are doing. We know what we're doing and our reputation speaks for itself.

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