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Can I purchase an engine kit or a short block from you?

We really frown on building short blocks or incomplete engines. We’ve had too many troubles in the past selling kits and short blocks to people that don‘t do the final fit and finish correctly and when that happens, WE get the phone call that “something“ went wrong with “our“ stuff.

Most “do it yourselfer’s” can build their own basic engine with a little help from a machine shop. The only problem is that most people don’t have the expensive specialty tools (micrometers, bore gauges, dial indicators, degree wheels, push rod length checkers, molder's clay, etc.) or expertise to check and correct something that may present a problem.

We have sold cranks in the past only to get “the phone call” that something went wrong because they didn’t re-size the rods and bearing failure occurred. That’s not our fault.

We have sold short blocks to people who stuck-on a set of heads and never checked for piston to valve clearance and when the pistons smacked the valves “we” get the phone call, even though the screw-up wasn’t our fault.

Most people have no idea how to check for correct valve train geometry, and incorrect geometry is SO common when after market parts are used, it is almost a guarantee that custom length push rods are needed for almost ALL custom built engines. But when nothing is checked, or a set of stock length push rods get installed and things start breaking, “WE” get the phone call. This doesn't include coil bind, rocker clearances or alignment, piston to head clearances, etc.

There are endless reasons why we don’t really like selling kits or short blocks, UNLESS we know you, or know that you are competent in completing the engine correctly. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying we are the only one’s that know what we are doing. There are LOTS of great engine builder’s out there. What we are saying is that we don't like selling kits or short blocks unless we KNOW you’re experienced or equipped to finalize things correctly otherwise we end-up "babysitting" the engine and having to take phone call after phone call, or email after email, explaining how to do, or correct, the problems you might run into. We don't get paid enough to be people's personal engine building helper, nor do we have the time. It just isn't worth it.

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