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350 Street Engine with 8-71 blower

350 Street Engine with 8-71 blower

Here is one of our more serious blown street engines fitted with a show quality nitrous system. It has all forged internals, a full roller valve train, 215cc runner heads and a high quality BDS 8-71 huffer with a pair of tricked-out QF carbs. This one is owned by Ron Wyso in Chicago.

We do a lot of blower engines in many different configurations, in fact, our specialty is blowers and nitrous! Don't be fooled by "cheap" blower engines other shops sell that come without carbs or that come with cast iron heads or "cheap" internal parts. You should NEVER use cast iron heads on a serious blown engine, nor anything other than high quality, all forged internals. As always.... you get what you pay for, so watch out for "bargain priced" engines many other places sell. When you want the REAL deal, built by a TRUE pro who specializes in forced induction and nitrous, you know who to call.....

Something like this would easily run you in the $16,000 - $17,000 or so area depending on the variables, and with any more fancy stuff on it such as CNC'd heads, more billet brackets and pulleys, belts, starter, fuel lines and linkages, etc to make it more of a "turn key" engine, it can get you into upwards into the $18k - $20k area pretty fast.

Are there places out there that sell cheaper blown engines? Yes, but just like good tools, you pay for quality and strength. Cheap tools are cheap for a reason, because they SUCK and they break. You think you're saving money until it breaks or doesn't work right. Engines are no different. Just remember.... if owning a beast like this was cheap and easy, EVERYONE would have one in their car, and that just isn't the case.

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