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How can I be sure I'm buying from a reputable business?

This is pretty much a no brainer.

A) We are a California State licensed business, licensed through the Department of Consumer Affairs / Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) with a long time, good standing record with NO complaints or disciplinary actions taken against us. That's none, zero, nada, zilch, zip. You can view our status by clicking here to see for yourself. 

B) We have had NO complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since we started building cars and engines back in the late 70's.

C) We have a pretty extensive Testimonials page with clients that you can contact and ask for yourself, how well we did for them.

D) Not many shady businesses would have such a well known and informative web site filled with great photos and testimonials from HAPPY customer's.

E) We are members of SEMA, PWA and PRI, the elite businesses behind the racing and after market industry.

Here's the deal. We are honest people and we do honest business. We won't blow smoke up your ass and candy coat things just to make a sale. We are truthful and tell it like it is, and give you the best engine at the best price we can, period!

We aren't a down town shop or a highly advertised business where there's a new sucker walking through the door every day. Our shop is off the main path out in the country and we are by appointment only. We do pretty much ZERO advertising. ALL of our business is either repeat business, or word of mouth business past-on from happy customer to happy customer. We don't even have a phone book ad because our word of mouth business is so successful. We don't need to pay for expensive phone book ads when we can barely keep-up with the business we already have. And where does that business come from? Happy customer's passing the word on to other's. We rely on your happiness so you'll go out and tell your friends about us, which in turn, brings us more business down the road.

Blowing smoke up people's asses and candy coating things so they "look" nice or "sound" good doesn't make for happy customers, nor does building crappy or weak engines. We simply won't do that. It's our reputation on the line, and our reputation is building Bad Ass engines and doing great work on cars, not ripping people off. If we were a fly-by-night company, we wouldn't have a perfect record with the BAR or the BBB, and trust me, in this industry a record like that is about as common as a chicken with lips! Feel confident that you are doing business with someone that takes pride in their shop and their work, and is counting you your happiness for return business and future referrals.

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