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What's the best combo to go with for my engine?

When you buy a Bad-Ass Engine, you are buying something built specifically for your particular vehicle and needs. It is built with care and with decades of hard learned experience behind it. We get hundreds of e-mails a week asking "what's the best cam for my engine", "what's the best heads to go with", "what's the best compression and pistons", what's the best carb" and so on. We can't really tell you what the best cam, carb, heads or whatever may be because there are just too many variables that have to be taken into consideration. We can't just say off the tops of our heads what will work the best without lots of time and thought involved. On another note, we don't really give out specifics like that unless your are a customer. If we did, we might as well close-up shop because we are just giving away everything that took us years to learn, not to mention the countless engines we've had to build and test, plus all of the money we've spent on all of that the past 3 decades. Giving free info out like that so other people can try to do it themselves doesn't put food on our plates. It would be like going to your doctor when you are sick and asking him to tell you what is wrong with you and what the best medication would be to make you well again and not expecting to pay him for his years of schooling and experience, or asking your CPA what's the best way to do your books and taxes but wanting to do it yourself. That's why you go to a doctor or a good CPA, because he knows what he is doing and knows the best way to go with first time. We are the same way. You buy a Bad-Ass Engine because you KNOW that you are getting the best you can buy and with the best combination of parts that will do the job you need, as well as endure the abuse you want to give it and last a long time. Like we say several places in this web site; "Horsepower is cheap. You don't buy horsepower, you buy strength"! A high horsepower engine isn't very good if it's built weak with cheap parts or has crappy machining. It simply won't last. Why bother spending money on something like that? Hell, you can go buy a mediocre crate motor if you want that. An engine built strong, that will last is obviously a better choice. Good, strong parts aren't cheap and neither is good machining. There's a big difference between an engine advertised in a magazine or on ebay boasting about making 400+ horsepower for only $2,995 and an engine that not only makes that kind of power but is built with good parts and care and will last a long time. We won't build half assed or weak engines, we ONLY build strong, powerful engines that will last so you can blow the doors off all your friend's cars who made the mistake of buying something other than a BAD-ASS Engine!

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