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468 Blown Street Beast

468 Blown Street Beast

This big, beautiful blown and nitrous injected beast is going into a street driven '63 Caddy Hearse. We'll put some pics in our gallery of the car as soon as we get them. We dyno'd this one without the nitrous and it made an easy 677HP at 5,600 RPM on pump gas using a Stutska dyno. Most people that know dynos know Stutskas tend to read a little on the low side. It's just the way they measure power compared to many other dynos. They are usually around 30-35 or so HP lower than a typical DynoJet or SuperFlow, so you can bet on any typical dyno, this beast is actually making 700HP or so. With the nitrous you could expect an easy 800-900HP out of it and still be a VERY streetable engine that you can actually drive to and from shows with. If you look close, you can see all of the custom serpentine pulleys, and notice that it has air conditioning and power steering! No one said you couldn't have power, looks AND comfort!

If you wanted something like this for your ride, figure on spending anywhere from $20,000 to $24,000 . Just FYI, that custom serpentine pulley system ran $1,300 all by itself, NOT including the chrome A/C compressor, chrome P/S pump, polished water pump and chrome alternator. Those items right there were about $1,400, plus labor to mount it all and make sure it all lines-up correctly. Start adding things like that onto a beast like this and the price goes up about as steep as the power curve does on the dyno sheet!

Hey, if this was cheap and easy to do, EVERYONE would have killer, all polished blown big blocks like this in their cars, and that ain't the way it is! Could we have built it cheaper? Sure, if we used the same crap many other engine shops use, but we don't build "cheap" engines like those guys do. Like good tools you pay for quality and strength! Cheap tools are cheap for a reason, because they SUCK and they break. Good tools cost money for their strength and fit 'n finish. Engines are no different. Just remember... you get what you pay for!


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