Bad Ass Cars
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Why do I see a lot of crate motors in hot rods these days?

This one is beyond me! You spend all of your precious time and efforts in building a great car, going over every detail to make it just the way you want it and then throw a generic crate motor in it? I see this all of the time. I have seen $200,000+ roadsters in pristine, "invite only" shows that have custom, one of a kind made frames, one of a kind billet wheels, hand made bodies that have thousands of hours in the making and you look under the hood and there's a dog gone crate motor sitting there with a bunch of billet stuff bolted on it!! Is that all they think their car is worthy of? A crate motor? Hot rodding used to be about making power and building "custom" engines. The engine is the very heart and soul of hot rodding. It's not about who can spend the most money on the rest of their car. These guy's won't flinch at dropping over $5,000 or $10,000 on a set of one of a kind billet rims, or dropping $50,000 in a paint job but they'll whine and cry about spending $ on a custom built engine. People can brag and bench race all they want, buy crate motors and bolt-on all of the shiny accessories they can get their hands on and they're still going to have nothing more than the same, motor that some other guy has in his work truck, and they'll still get their doors blown-off by the guy's who cared enough to buy a REAL Bad-Ass engine. There's nothing "Bad-Ass" about a crate motor.

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