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When do I need an after market ignition system?

Probably never! All of the after market ignition companies claim that you'll get more horsepower by using their ignition system. I hate to burst bubbles but the fact is, numerous independent dyno studies have shown no gain what so ever! Don't get me wrong. I like a lot of after market ignitions and my own blown and nitroused car uses one as well. The object of the game is to ignite the cylinder. Once the cylinder is lit, it's lit. It either fires or it doesn't. I can't tell you how many racers and street buffs I know that have small fortunes invested in their ignition systems when GM's stock HEI system would have done the same job... if not better! Ford has the worst stock (electronic) ignitions systems. Their factory modules stink. They have the least amount of dwell time and the most expensive price. Chrylser has a great module that will saturate the heck out of the coil, causing a big spark. A neat trick is to use a Chrysler module on a Ford engine. It really wakes-up the coil. I can't tell you how many people say that you can't run an HEI distributor an a high performance engine because they "sputter" after 6,000 RPM. Say that to our Super Gasser that runs 9.90's all day long and goes through the lights at almost 8,000 RPM without a glitch. I took that MSD 7AL2 box, billet distributor and funky coil and trashed 'em because they were doing strange things and dropping cylinders when the car came-off the trans brake at 6,500RPM. I've had people come-up and say "hey, you can't run an HEI distributor at those RPM's", as they watch the car go down the track without a glitch! You can't check those elaborate ignition systems and when they need fixing, you've either got to send them back and wait 2 weeks or spend a fortune on a new one. I've built street cars that run 11's and 12's using HEI ignitions and stock Ford distributors using Chrysler modules, and when you hear one of those engines wound-up to 8,000 RPM without a sputter you'll be a believer!

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