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Why shouldn't I just go buy a "crate motor"?

That's fine but remember this; The new small block Chevy is made in Mexico and is about 60 lbs. lighter than the older castings which means there is 60 pounds of reinforcement missing as well. They come with things like plastic timing covers and Brazilian made pistons. No thanks, that kind of stuff won't hold-up to the kind of abuse I'm used to putting my motors through. If you're going for performance, those 210 HP, 330 HP and even the 355 and 385HP crate motors just aren't designed to withstand the abuse serious racing or "playing hard" on the street that some guy's put their motors through. The crate motor is for the kind of guy that want a basic engine, and if that's what you want, fine.. what are you doing on this web site? Bad-Ass engines are for the hard core hot rodder / street racer that needs something with more power and strength than a regular crate motor can offer.

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