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383 small block chevy

383 small block chevy

This nasty 383 small block belongs to Doug Sanders. Doug is a local Sonoman who owns "Muff 'n Stuff" Muffler & Brake. (He does really good work by the way). He is building a nice 68 Camaro and wanted a nasty power plant to go eat up all of the wanna-be locals with their chromed-out crate motors, so this almost 11:1 compression, .647" solid roller, fully CNC's 230 cc "race" AFR headed, all forged 383 is his answer. It has 6" 4340 H-beam rods, a lightened-up 4340 steel crank and JE super lite pistons to name a few internals. The port matched "Super Victor" intake and Quick Fuel carb top it all off. With his TKO 5 speed and light little car, this power plant will do the job without a hick-up! We'll have pictures of the car once it's all done.

Want something like this for your ride? Depending on variables such as the heads or what you want with it, you can be into something like this from about the $9,000 area on up to the $11,000 or so area. It'll wax the ass of anyone in your neighborhood, and it is built by ONE person with a KILLER reputation for building THE baddest engines around. Think those crate engines out there are built by someone like Arron? Hardly!

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