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How much is a "turn key" engine?

This is a pretty open question. We sell most of our engines as "long blocks" which are complete engines with the heads and everything all put together except the "tin" such as valve covers, oil pan, water pump, fuel pump, etc., unless otherwise stated in the description. We list every engine and what it comes with on our web site pretty clearly. If it says it comes complete with oil pan, intake manifold, etc. then it those are included in the price listed and if it doesn't list those items, then they ain't included. Keep in mind, we build countless engines and engine combinations. What's listed on our web site is only a tiny fraction of what we build. If you want a "turn key" engine, complete with everything from carb to pan, water pump to flywheel, we can do that for you. As far as price goes, that's where the "open question" comes in. We don't list engines like that on our site because there's just too many variables that can sway the price one way or the other. If we list a complete "turn key" engine, are we supposed to list a price for a $249 Holley carb on it or a $500+ custom built Holley carb? Should we give you a price on a polished aluminum / high flow water pump or a stock, off the shelf rebuilt water pump. There's at least $100 difference between the two. How about the valve covers? Are we talking $400 fabricated aluminum covers or $20 chrome steel covers? What about something as simple as a harmonic balancer? Do we list a price for a stock, $79 balancer or a $400 SFI approved after market balancer? Now, you still have the flywheel, the timing cover, oil pan, the fuel pump, the ignition... hell, those items alone can sway the price more than $1,000 one way or the other depending on which parts are used. So the question is, do we list a "turn key" engine with all of the good stuff that costs a lot or with cheaper stuff that doesn't cost a lot and what about the up-teen million other variations in between? If you're a serious buyer, we can put a price together for you with the parts you want but we don't already have prices made-up.

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