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Engine Building and Tuning Videos

Engine Building and Tuning Videos

Bring the Performance Auto Shop Class right into your own home with our HIGHLY DETAILED DVD sets hosted by world renowned performance engine and car builder, Arron Johnson.

Auto Shop Videos are the ONLY DVDs that have been featured on Jay Leno's Garage, PowerBlock TV, Inside Drag Racing, Rods and Rides TV, and highly acclaimed by top automotive industry leaders such as Jay Leno, Vic Edelbrock, Mike Thermos (founder of NOS), and many others!

Auto Shop Videos are a minimum of 3 hours, and go up to almost 13 hours in length. They are HIGHLY DETAILED and FULL of information showing you ALL of the little details you're wanting to know. They're shot with multiple professional cameras inside a real shop and are hosted by one of the absolute guru's of the performance engine and car building industry with over 35 years of race winning experience under his belt. 

These are NOT videos like you find on You Tube that are either low quality or full of misinformation from non-professionals, nor are they like TV shows that skip-over and miss all of the details you want to see and learn about!! These are HIGH QUALITY engine building and tuning videos! In fact, they're so good, they're the ONLY automotive "how-to" videos carried and sold by the biggest auto parts outlets in the world, such as Summit Racing Equipment, Jeg's, Speedway Motors, Competition Products, and many, MANY others, as well as being available right here on our own web site (scroll down) with special discount sets available ONLY on this web site. They're also a great alternative to a far-away and VERY expensive automotive trade schools such as Wyo-Tech, UTI (Universal Technical Institute), or SAM (School of Automotive Machinists). It's like having your own private & personal instructor right in your own home!

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Auto Shop Videos



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Give the Gift of Knowledge! These make PERFECT (and affordable) gift items for Birthday's, Father's Day, and Christmas stocking stuffers for any enthusiast of any age!

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Until now, learning how to optimize, customize, and repair your ride, meant you had to either go to an expensive trade school or learn from a master mechanic. This has meant that only an elite few could gain these skills. Now, Auto Shop Videos brings you this same kind of personal experience and hands-on training from the masters in the comfort of your own garage.