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Engine Building and Tuning Videos

Engine Building and Tuning Videos

For years we were known as Power Building Videos. In late 2010 we changed our name to Auto Shop Videos because that's what we do, we bring the Auto Shop class right into your own home. We are the original producer and manufacturer of this highly detailed series, which is the world's best and most comprehensive automotive "how-to" video series ever produced! Forget about boring old books! No book on the planet can show in a book the kind of detail shown in our videos!

Thinking about going to Wyo-Tech or UTI but can't afford it? Well then, bring the automotive training class right into your own home or garage! On YOUR time schedule, and on a budget you CAN afford, you can learn how to build and tune engines like a pro with master engine & car builder Arron Johnson. With a world wide reputation for building awesome show winning cars, the meanest street machines, and some of the fastest cars on the race track, Arron shows you every little trick, procedure and detail on building and tuning engines, using power adders such as Nitrous Oxide and Superchargers, building and tuning carburetors, basic porting of heads and intake manifolds, and much MUCH more. It's like having your own personal performance engine building & tuning instructor in your own living room!

Knowledge is the most important tool you could ever have. Auto Shop Videos will help you acquire that knowledge so you can gain the power you've been looking for!

Are you tired of not knowing what REALLY works and what doesn't? Are you tired of wasting your money on parts that just don't work like they're supposed to? Can't get the knowledge or detail you need from a boring old book? Can't afford to travel to a far away and expensive automotive trade school like UTI or Wyo-Tech? Then gain the AFFORDABLE power of KNOWLEDGE with Auto Shop Videos!


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