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Crash Course Auto Shop Seminars

Please Note: We no longer offer these classes. This page was unpublished from our web site but Google still accesses it through a direct link. If you got directed to this page by Google and you're interested in learning how to build your own engine, we suggest checking out our highly detailed videos called Auto Shop Videos. They are extremely detailed and show you all of the nitty-gritty details that other videos and TV shows skip over.  Click HERE to see them.



The Concept Of Crash Courses 

Knowledge is THE most important tool you could ever have, and our slogan of "Knowledge Is Horsepower" really rings true. Unfortunately, auto shop & metal shop programs that we once had in high school have faded away and no longer exist. The younger generation of gear heads these days don't really have a practical or cost effective way of acquiring the knowledge needed to know how to build engines or work on cars without going to a distant and expensive trade school for a long period of time, and our older generation of performance enthusiasts don't have a way of keeping-up with technology at an affordable cost. This is why we developed and produced our highly detailed Auto Shop Videos series. They fill the gap between old, out-dated books and expensive trade schools. But what about something more? What about something with even more detail and experience than what our DVDs can provide? What about actual hands-on training inside a real engine building / car building shop taught by one of the masters of the industry? Well now that's available with Crash Course Auto Shop Seminars!


About Crash Courses

Crash Course Seminars are small, intense, hands-on, information packed training courses on specific auto shop and performance subjects taught right inside of our world famous car & engine building shop. They are short, affordable, and TO THE POINT.

We offer the rare opportunity for a unique and exclusive one-on-one / hands-on training experience with master engine & car builder, Arron Johnson. Each class is limited to only a hand full of students, (usually 4 to 8 students per class), and best of all, each student is supplied with their OWN project to work on in every class. There is no "sharing" of projects like most other schools make you do. This assures you'll be right up front in the driver's seat every step of the way to get the detail you're looking for during EVERY hour of EVERY class! You'll NEVER be left out or stuck in the back of the class when you take a Crash Course Seminar with us!

Crash Courses cover numerous performance & general auto shop subjects, including Engine Building Deluxe Engine Building (includes basic head porting & stroker engines), Head and Intake Manifold Porting, Carburetor Tuning, EFI Basics & Tuning, Electrical & Wiring, Auto Shop Basics, and several others. Scroll down for full list of subjects and links to more info. 

Crash Course

Each "Crash Course" is a condensed, HANDS-ON seminar that you'll take FULL participation in with Arron himself showing you every little trick, procedure & detail along the way.  Some of the knowledge that took Arron decades of trial and error to learn, and millions of dollars in parts, thousands of hours of building, testing, tuning & dynoing, you can now learn in just a couple of short "crash course" days! 

Classes are held inside of our world famous car & engine building shop. We are all about giving you REAL knowledge and HANDS-ON training, rather than how much money we can possibly make by pushing as many people through as we possibly or as quickly as  we can like pretty much every other "school" does. Because of this, our classes are much smaller than other schools so each student has virtually complete one-on-one time with Arron's undivided attention. There is no "back of the class" here or "sharing" one project with 20 or 30 other students who all compete to work on the same project. EVERY person in EVERY class has a front row seat AND his own personal project to learn & work on. This saves you time and money, and it assures you get a COMPLETE hands-on experience!


If you've ever seen any of Arron's "Auto Shop Videos" DVDs, then you'll know his humorous and easy to understand approach to teaching is second to none, which is why 2 of the biggest automotive trade schools in the world wanted Arron to serve on their board and to help them with their curriculum, and why Edelbrock chose Arron as their official installation / tech guy. He has a way of teaching the most difficult subjects in plain, easy to understand English with LOTS of analogies and demonstrations that even the most difficult learners can understand.

Our Crash Courses will help you get the knowledge & exprience you've been looking for.
Gain the knowledge and you'll gain the power, because 

Crash Course

What Will You Learn?

Will you learn everything Arron knows in just a few short days? NO, that would take a VERY long time, but you WILL learn what you need to know so you'll understand what works and what doesn't, and how to take that knowledge and apply it in your own garage & vehicle, or to get a jump start on that automotive career you've wanted.

Crash Course Seminars will show you what to do, and most importantly, what NOT to do, so you don't flush any more of your time or money down the drain by making costly mistakes or from buying the wrong parts! The best thing is; they are affordable and they get right to the nitty-gritty point! They don't take weeks or months to complete like other automotive training schools do. A few short days at an affordable cost and you're on your way!


Who Are Crash Courses Designed For?

Crash Course Seminars are designed for the beginner with little to no experience. They are also perfect for someone that has some basic experience in building cars, engines, etc. that wants to learn more and have the rare opportunity to get some up-close and personal hands-on training that you just can't get anywhere. So, whether you're a teenager wanting to learn skills, tricks, procedures & techniques that most other's your age (or older) just don't know, or if you're just an old gear head that's tired of wasting money by learning the hard, (and expensive) way for what works, and what doesn't, then these seminars are perfect for you!

Crash Course

So... are these seminars too short to learn what you need to know in such a short amount of time? NO! Our classes are specifically designed to cut out the mumbo-jumbo most other schools make you go through before you really get to the good stuff. We simply start off with the good stuff right from the beginning and follow-through all the way to the end with full hands-on training.

Where Are Classes Held At?

Each class is taught inside our performance car & engine building shop, located in Sonoma, Ca. a few minutes up the road from Sonoma Raceway, in the beautiful Wine Country.


When Do Classes Start?

Day, evening, and even occasional weekend classes are available. Times & dates vary throughout the year. 

Please Note: Right now classes are suspended while we set-up a new location to hold classes at. We simply ran out of room in our shop so we are leasing a new location to hold the classes at. We are hoping by mid winter we'll have the new location set-up and ready to go. As soon as we have the new place ready and classes scheduled, we will post it on here. If you need more information, or if you want to be placed on a list to receive an e-mail notice when we have a new schedule, please e-mail us and let us know.   

How Much Do Crash Course Classes Cost?

Each Crash Course subject is unique to itself, so each course has a different running time and requires different materials (that we fully supply). All in all, depending on the subject, classes range from $995.00 to $1,995.00 and run 2 - 5 days in length. Be sure to click a subject below to learn more about each Crash Course and to see what each particular class costs.


Click on a subject below to find out more info on each class.

Engine Building

Deluxe Engine Building  (includes addition of stroker building, plus head & intake porting)

Head & Intake Manifold Porting

Auto Shop Basics

Power Adders  (Nitrous Oxide & Superchargers)

Performance Carburetors

EFI Basics & Tuning

Basic Automotive Trouble Shooting

Basic Metal Fabrication & Welding       

Local Lodging & Maps 

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