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What We Do

Bad Ass Cars is a full service machine, fabrication, restoration and customization shop. In a nutshell, we do custom engine building for American classics, muscle cars, race cars, performance boats, etc, We specialize in building large cubic inch strokers, superchargers and nitrous oxide.

We also offer full restorations and customization for American classics, vintage cars, muscle cars, etc. Be sure to see our Restorations and Customization page, as well as our Bad Ass Engines page, and take a look in our various galleries to see engines and cars we've built.

We also produce highly detailed videos on how to build engines, rebuild and tune carbs, how things like Nitrous Oxide and Superchargers work, etc, so be sure to check out our Auto Shop Videos page.

What we DON'T do!

We do NOT offer or sell any "pre-built" or "generic" crate motors! There's no such thing as a perfect pre-built crate motor. Not a single generic, pre-built crate motor can take into consideration what type of vehicle you have, how you will be driving it, the weight of the vehicle, the gearing, the transmission type, whether you need torque rather than horsepower, or horsepower rather than torque, etc, etc, because they are already built BEFORE any of that CAN be taken into consideration. There's a LOT more to an engine than how much it costs or how much "power" it makes.

EVERY SINGLE engine we build is CUSTOM BUILT specifically for your vehicle and needs. We DO take everything into consideration and then build you THE best possible engine that you can possibly get BASED on that information.

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