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Custom Engine Building

Custom Engine Building

We specialize in CUSTOM BUILT stock, performance, and race engines for American classics, muscle cars, high performance street cars, trucks, 4 x 4's, race cars, and performance boats. Each engine is specifically built for your particular vehicle, with things like your driving style, vehicle weight, gearing, transmission type, altitude, fuel type, etc taken into consideration so you get THE absolute best combination possible, which means the absolute best performance out of your vehicle that you can possibly get. There isn't a generic crate engine on the planet that takes ANY of that into consideration. You don't have a generic vehicle, so why have a generic, assembly line built engine in it?

Take a look in our galleries to get a taste of what we build. Keep in mind, what you'll see is only a TINY FRACTION of what we build and do.

Custom Built Engines

We do NOT have, or offer, ANY generic, pre-built, off the shelf crate engines! EVERY single Bad Ass engine is designed for each customer's specific vehicle, application, driving style, etc, and EVERY engine is built by Arron himself. Arron is notorious for building some of the biggest, baddest, most powerful, and most reliable engines around. His world wide reputation is second to none.


If you are wanting to get a price on an engine, please click HERE to find out more.


chevy engine

If you're wanting a Chevy engine, we build all kinds of different types for your specific needs, from bone stock replacements, to mild performance, to serious street and race performance, to hard pulling truck engines, to rooster tail shooting boat engines. We specialize in blowers and nitrous!

Click HERE to go to the Chevy engines gallery.


Ford engine

If you're looking for a Ford engine, we build all kinds of stock replacements for classics, performance muscle cars, hot street or strip performance, big cubic inch strokers, to all-out monster race engines. We build a LOT of bad to the bone engines for Mustangs, Shelby's, Cobra replica's, F-100's, Ford powered performance boats, and MUCH more!

Click HERE to go to the Ford engines gallery.


Oldsmobile pontiac buick chrysler dodge plymouth

Although our main "bread & butter" are Ford and Chevy engines, we also build stock replacement and performance engines for Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, etc.

Click HERE to see the "other" engines gallery.

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