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Glen's Anglia Greg's '73 LT
Greg's Mach 1 GT-40 from Hell
Hames Chevelle Heads, Porting and Valve Trains
Henry's 56 F-100 Hot Wheels Camaro
How can I be sure I'm buying from a reputable... How can I get more power out of my late model...
How can I make "Free" horsepower? How can I make more power and still pass smog...
How come I get oil leaks at the corners of my... How come you don't list exact power ratings f...
How come you don't list exact prices for your... How do cams affect compression?
How do I order a BAD-ASS engine? How do you crate and ship your engines?
How does cam timing affect ignition timing? How does one of your 400-450HP 350 engines co...
How high will my engine rev? How long does it take to build a Bad-Ass engi...
How much horsepower can you get out of one of... How much is a "turn key" engine?
How much is a "turn key" engine? How much is an engine installation?
How Much Power Can You Make On Pump Gas? How much would it cost to build a 500 HP smal...
How To Adjust A Blower Belt How to adjust the mixture screws on your carb
How to choose the right size carburetor for y... How to determine the right gear ratio for you...
How To Re-Curve A Distributor, And Why! How to solve stumbling and hesitation issues.
I have a $5,000 - $6,000 budget. Can you buil... I have a 55 Chevy that I am building for the ...
I heard forged pistons knock I heard solid lifter cams always need adjusti...
I heard you guys offer engine building semina... I just can't seem to get the performance out ...
I want a 500HP small block. What can you buil... I want a Bad Ass engine to make my car faster...
I want a Radical Sounding Cam, What Should I ... Is a 327 Chevy a better performance engine th...
Is a 600cfm carb too big for a street engine? Is a Nitrous cam profile the same as a superc...
Is it better to de-stroke or increase stroke ... Is it OK to run aluminum heads on the street?
Is supercharging really the way to go for all... Jake's 66 Chevelle
James' 64 Sprint Jay Leno
Jens' 62 Impala Jerry's 540
Jerry's 68 Mustang Jerry's Injected Camaro
John Pavlik & His Crew John's '63 Grand Sport
John's 58 Impala John's 66 Chevelle
John's Beautiful 55 Chevy Keith's 72 Stingray
Kenny Bernstein Kray's 56 Convertible
Larry's 55 Lindsay's 55 Vicky
Lloyd's 56 F-100 Lotus from hell
Mark's LeMans Matt Arthurs' 68 Mustang
Matt's blown Camaro Meet the Jalopies
Melissa's Hot '66 Melissa's Rail
Mickey's Bronco Mike's 56 Bel Air
Mike's 66 Cobra Mike's cool 66 Vette
Monica's 69 Firebird Monty's Vega
Mullin's Mustang My 65 Shelby GT350
My car runs good when it's cold but stalls on... My daughter in the shop
My early Mustang runs hot, Why? My engine burns oil and occasionally smokes, ...
My engine idles real high and rough and when ... My engine overheats, what should I be looking...
My head gasket is leaking oil, what can I do? My headers glow cherry red, what gives?