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bulletMy headers glow cherry red, what gives? bulletMy last project
bulletNice 57 Chevy bulletNitro Man
bulletNitrous Oxide bulletNitrous Oxide Basics Explained
bulletNo chickens here... bulletOK, I am ready to buy. Tell me the exact spec...
bulletOld School Gasser bulletOldsmobile from Hell
bulletOne Bad Stang bulletOur Booth
bulletPatty's Toy bulletPaul's BAD ASS '67 Cutlass
bulletPerformance Carburetors bulletPerformance Engines & Strokers
bulletPhotos From The Show bulletRay Johnson's 65 Chevelle
bulletRay's 55 bulletRay's 55 Re-Done!
bulletReality Check bulletRear-End Gearing Simplified
bulletRed 65 Mustang Sleeper bulletRich's 'Stang
bulletRoad Race 69 Camaro bulletRoad Race Camaro
bulletRob's Little Red Truck bulletRobert's Cool Vette
bulletRon's 67 Mustang bulletRon's T Bird
bulletRotating Assemblies bulletRyan's 66 Chevelle
bulletRyan's 68 Sleeper bulletSand Rail
bulletScott's 55 F-100 bulletSean's SLEEPER Chevelle
bulletSedan Delivery bulletSeth's 66 Mustang
bulletShawn Patterson's El Camino bulletShould I have my engine balanced and blueprin...
bulletShould I retard the timing with a shot of nit... bulletShould I Run a Carb Spacer?
bulletSmall block Ford engine bulletSmall Block Ford Reality
bulletSmall block Ford street engine bulletSmall block Ford with EFI
bulletSo you want a Bad Ass engine. Here's what you... bulletSome funny lookin' guy
bulletSteffan's Bronco Beast bulletSteve and Toriye's 66 Mustang
bulletSteve's 69 Firebird bulletSuper Cobra
bulletSuperchargers bulletSuperformance Daytona Coupe
bulletT-Bird Bad Boy bulletThe difference between horsepower and torque ...
bulletThe Edelbrocks bulletThe Engine Builder Set
bulletThe Power Pack Set bulletThis is more of what we have to deal with on ...
bulletThis is what we have to deal with on a daily ... bulletTire Pressure Do's and Don'ts
bulletTodd's 59 Vette bulletTom's 53 Chevy
bulletTom's Cobra bulletVic and our decal
bulletWalter's 68 Mustang bulletWayne's Cool 57
bulletWhat about octane boosters, Av. gas or race f... bulletWhat can I do to increase the power of my 80'...
bulletWhat do your engines come with? bulletWhat does a high stall converter do?
bulletWhat does a high stall torque converter do? bulletWhat heat range sparkplugs should I use?
bulletWhat is Engine Displacement? bulletWhat is the best oil to use in my performance...
bulletWhat is the difference between horsepower and... bulletWhat pistons do I need to get a given compres...
bulletWhat should I gap my spark plugs at? bulletWhat size carb should I run on my engine?
bulletWhat's considered a "streetable" en... bulletWhat's the best "bang for the buck"...
bulletWhat's the best combo to go with for my engin... bulletWhat's The Difference Between A Bad Ass Engin...
bulletWhat's the difference between a BAD-ASS engin... bulletWhat's the Difference Between Cam Timing &...
bulletWhat's the right way to break-in an engine? bulletWhat's the scoop on your Crash Course Auto Sh...
bulletWhen do I need an after market ignition syste... bulletWhere should I set the timing on my performan...