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Tell your guys they're doing a great job. I'm the lead tech at our shop and I am amazed at the information and detail you guys put into your videos. Keep it up; my guys and I can't wait to see what you come out with next!!! I learned a lot in school, but man, nothing beats what you're doing. Thanks again, can't wait to show the guys the new movies!!!
Devon Hill

I've watched the Supercharger DVD twice now; the knowledge that I gained was easily worth more than the $29.95 that you sell it for! The other thing that sets it apart from other educational videos is that it doesn't put you to sleep with bad production and some guy with a monotone voice. I recommend this DVD to anyone whether they want to build a supercharged engine or even if they just don't want to sound like a dumb ass. I can't wait for the Nitrous Oxide DVD to come out in November.
Kevin Macluskie; Cave Creek, AZ.

I've got to say, these are THE most informative and best looking video shows I have ever seen! Nothing even comes close to what these guys have done!
Kevin Dee / Engine specialist

WOW! That's all I can say about these shows! The best there is by a long shot! You guys should be on prime time TV! I can't wait to see what you are releasing next.
Steve Davison / Editor; Performance Parts Magazine

All I can say is I learned more from $50 worth of videos than I did taking auto shop for 3 years at the junior college, and that says a LOT! I am going to purchase the whole set next so I can continue learning what they don't teach you in schools!
Brian Thompson / Enthusiast & college student

I bought a couple of videos for my son's 17th birthday. He saved up his own money and bought a '66 Nova for his first project. Both he and myself have learned SO much from these shows, and I can say that without a doubt, we have saved ourselves a LOT of headaches and lost money by having the knowledge to buy the right parts the first time. We were surprised at how different the information we learned from the videos was compared to what friends and so called "experts" were trying to tell us. Thank god we listened to the REAL expert! That in itself is well worth the money we spent on these videos! Thanks for creating such a great set of shows, Aaron.
David and Josh Andersen / Car buffs