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Engine Building Crash Course
Engine Building Crash Course

We no longer offer these classes. This page was unpublished from our web site but Google still accesses it through a direct link. If you got directed to this page by Google and you're interested in learning how to build your own engine, we suggest checking out our highly detailed videos called Auto Shop Videos. They are extremely detailed and show you all of the nitty-gritty details that other videos and TV shows skip over.  Click HERE to see them.


Learn to build your own engine with a completely hands-on course with master engine builder, Arron Johnson!

This course takes you through every aspect that you would encounter if you were building your own engine. Each & every student in this class (limited to 5 students maximum) is supplied with his or her OWN engine to build! That's right, each student gets their own complete engine to build in this course. Most other classes have one or two engines that 10, 20 or sometimes upwards of 30 students have to all compete over to get hands-on time with. Not in our seminars they don't! We provide EACH student with a complete engine kit and their own set of tools so 100% of the time they are building their own engine with the VERY personalized & exclusive instruction of Arron Johnson along the way.

The Engine Building Crash Course runs Monday - Friday from 9am to 5pm (with a 1 hour lunch break). That's 7 full hours a day of PERSONALIZED / HANDS-ON instruction for 5 solid days! That's a total of 35 hours of concentrated procedures, tips, tricks and VERY detailed / personalized instruction. It just doesn't get any better than that!

Students can choose to build either a small block Chevy, a small block Ford, a big block Chevy, or a GM "LS" series engine. The course however will teach you how to build ANY engine of any make, model or size. ALL basic tools, procedures and principles apply. Procedures for building stock AND performance engines are covered in each course.

engine building seminar

Upon receipt of the deposit for the class, each student receives 3 FREE DVD titles from our Auto Shop Videos series (Rotating Assemblies - Engine Building - Heads, Porting & Valve Trains) to take home and watch for a jump start BEFORE the class even begins! As an added bonus, each student also receives Arron's private / personal e-mail address for personalized tech info & advice any time they need it after the course is over!

engine building seminar

What the course covers: Overview of the engine block machining process. Engine block inspection. Washing the block. Using micrometers to check tolerances. Masking & painting the block. Installing freeze plugs and oil galley plugs - and/or restrictors. Chasing threads and de-burring / removing stress risers. Installing main bearings and checking clearances (showing how to use micrometers AND using Plasti-Gauge). Installing woodruff keys and dowels. Installing front & rear main oil seals. Installing the crankshaft. Using micrometers to check connecting rod & piston tolerances. Hanging rods onto the pistons. Filing ring gaps for proper tolerance and installing onto pistons. Installing pistons & rods into block. Proper lube and torque procedures. Install the timing chain and camshaft (flat tappet or roller). Degreeing a camshaft. Indexing the harmonic balancer. Installing the oil pump pick-up screen. Installing oil pump drive and assembly. Checking valve springs on heads for proper matchment of camshaft. Checking valve spring pressures and installed height. Learning the differences between stock heads and ported performance heads. Installing heads and properly torquing head bolts / studs. Installing lifters (flat tappet or roller). Measuring for correct valve train geometry. Installing push rods and rocker arms. Adjusting rocker arms for proper alignment. Proper procedures for adjusting valves (solid and hydraulic). Installing the timing cover & pointer. Installing the harmonic balancer. Installing the intake manifold. Understanding intake manifold "port matching". Indexing & installing the distributor / setting-up static timing. Installing the fuel pump, and MUCH more!

engine building seminar

Each student has his / her own roll around tool cabinet stocked with a complete set of basic tools, installers, pullers, micrometers, feeler gauges, dial indicators, etc. needed for building an engine.

The price of this AWESOME Engine Building Crash Course is $1,995 per student.

Just for a comparison; if you hired Arron to build you a custom engine (without receiving any instruction or getting any hands-on experience along the way), it could easily cost $3,000 or more in labor alone, NOT including parts! Calculated to an hourly cost, it comes out to HALF of what it would cost to hire Arron at shop rate to do any kind of labor for you!

In this course you get ALL of the materials INCLUDED in the price, PLUS 3 FREE DVDs (a value of $99.85!), plus EACH student gets his/her OWN complete engine to build, from start to finish. It truly is 100% personalized, hands-on instruction by a TRUE industry pro with a 3 decade long / world wide reputation for building THE baddest engines and cars around! This isn't your ordinary auto shop class!

Classes fill-up fast so don't delay!! E-mail us for any other details and for the next starting schedule.


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