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Deluxe Engine Building Seminar
Deluxe Engine Building Seminar

This "Deluxe" engine building class covers all of the same great aspects and procedures as our standard Engine Building Seminar, PLUS in addition to the engine you'll be building, at the end of the 5th day when everyone enrolled in the engine building class are done, the Deluxe class enrolees will continue for 10 more hours (one and a half additional days), where we provide a Chevy 350 block OR a Ford 302 engine block & rotating assembly that you'll be shown how to mock-up and clearance for that great big stroker crank and rotating assembly you're going to stuff in it!

delux engine seminar

If you choose the Chevy block, you'll be working on a 383 stroker and will be taken though all of the steps required to provide clearance for the crank & connecting rods, plus clearance between the connecting rods and the camshaft. If you choose the Ford block, you'll be working on a 347 stroker and taken through all of the same steps as the 383 Chevy, PLUS you'll also be installing a billet main support!

delux engine seminar

The Deluxe course also includes a full, hands-on segment on mild head porting techniques (gasket matching, bowl blending, port shaping, short side radiusing, valve guide shaping, unshrouding the valves, etc.), for unlocking hidden power, AND you'll be taken through an additional hands-on segment covering port matching of the intake manifold!

Delux Engine Building Seminar


Because of the additional "fresh" materials needed for this extended class, which include an additional block for clearancing, a cylinder head & intake manifold to grind on, carbide burrs for grinding, as well as the additional time involved for going through the basic head and intake manifold porting, this "Deluxe Course" runs an additional 10 hours to complete (one and a half additional days) at an additional cost of $995.00

Please E-mail us for additional information and class dates / times. 


Note: The basic engine building portion of this seminar (the first 35 hours) is a full and complete engine build, however, the stroker engine portion is a partial build. Even though this segment is fully hands-on, it is not a full build of a complete additional stroker engine. This additional 10 hour "Deluxe" segment involves hands-on instruction with an additional block & stroker rotating assembly, but not a complete engine. It is intended to give students enough hands-on experience so they can learn the proper procedures of properly mocking-up and clearancing ANY stroker engine of any brand or size.

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