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Head & Intake Manifold Porting Seminar
Head & Intake Manifold Porting Seminar


They key to increasing power is "flow". Increase the flow of fuel and air running through the intake manifold and the heads and you just increased the engine's power output. The trick is knowing what to do and what NOT to do, what tools to use, and of course the procedures on how to do it, and WHY you're doing it.

Head and intake manifold porting can be a very complex task. Bigger is NOT always better when it comes to flow and porting. It's all about shape, flow and velocity. Knowing the basics of what to do, and most importantly... what NOT to do is key because in this case Knowledge really IS Horsepower! The lack of knowledge when porting heads or the intake manifold can ROB you of power and torque, and can make your engine run worse than before you even started, so KNOWLEDGE is key in this department, and that's exactly what we give you in this Crash Course!

Being shown the in's and out's in a VERY close-up and personal approach on how to do it can lead to you doing your own mild porting which will in turn, unleash hidden horsepower by quite a large leap. It can also earn you money by being able to do port work for others. The best thing is; it doesn't require expensive or elaborate tools or machinery, so other than the time spent actually doing the porting labor, the cost is virtually free, and really.... what's better than making free horsepower?


Head & Intake Porting

Our Crash Course Seminar on Head & Intake Manifold Porting will take you through a hands-on experience of numerous head & intake manifold types to show you how to PROPERLY do your own port matching, bowl blending, runner shaping, etc., plus which tools to use and which ones not to use.

Each student is provided with their own bare head casting and intake manifold to work on, and will be taken through the dynamics, steps and procedures of getting-in and increasing flow by doing their own port matching, bowl blending and runner shaping as Arron guides you every step of the way with one-on-one, hands-on attention. There is no "back of the class" with Crash Course Seminars! EVERY student has a hands-on, front row seat, and is in the middle of the action each and every hour of each and every class.

Students will work with a variety of head and manifold casting types, as well as material types, (cast iron and aluminum), and will be shown which tools to use for each type of material and task.

Head & Intake Manifold Porting Seminar

We've all heard the term "ported & polished" thrown around before, but how many people actually have a clue for what it REALLY means, and how many people actually know how to properly do it? The fact of the matter is; most of the time "polishing" areas of the heads and/or the intake manifold is not the smartest thing to do for street / strip engines and it can rob you of power and/or cause the engine to not run well. This Crash Course will show you why, and it'll show you when, where and how to do it.

This Crash Course runs 5 hours a day for 2 days, for a total of 10 hands-on hours. There is a maximum of 4 students per class, so instructor to student attention is second to none!

The cost for each student is $995.00. All materials and tools needed are included in the price.  Each student also receives a free copy of our triple disc, 5+ hour running time "Heads, Porting & Valve Trains" DVD set.

Head & Intake Manifold Porting Seminar

This course is designed to be an affordable, cost effective "Crash Course" for complete beginners, to seasoned hot rodders that want to learn how to do all around basic porting. This is not an advanced, overly technical, lengthy course for high tech race engine builders. This course is designed to give people enough knowledge and hands-on experience to be able to go out and do their own street/strip porting on intake manifolds and heads. If you are looking for a more lengthy, advanced, technical class, we would suggest checking out Mondello Technical School.

For more information on this course, and for starting dates and times, please e-mail us by clicking HERE. 

And remember... when it comes to this stuff;


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