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Hi there, yes it's true, after upwards of 35 years of building bad to the bone engines (and cars), I decided to retire so I could pursue things in life I've been wanting to do for years. Our shop is still open and the guys are still doing engine "installs", suspensions, chassis, brakes, wiring, plumbing, etc. Although I'm not there anymore spending my days at the shop building custom engines for people.

If you're looking for a quality, purpose-built engine, I've been recommending an old friend of mine, John Gerlach, who owns a VERY reputable custom engine building shop over in Napa, CA. called LJ's Speed & Machine. His phone number is (707) 255-4611. He's been there as long as I have been at my place, (over 35 years), and has the same high standards and attention to quality and detail that I've always had, plus he's every bit as honest and ethical as I am so you know you won't get screwed like so many other shops do to unsuspecting people.

Other than John's shop, Reher-Morrison Racing Engines is another excellent quality builder that we've used in the past for customers. Their web site is at 

So if you want us to do an engine installation for you, (or any other things we do), my guys can certainly do that, but as far as "me" building a custom engine for you, I'm no longer doing that. For what it's worth, IF you happen to be interested in one of the things I'm doing these days, check out one of the books I wrote at

I hope that helped. If you call John, tell him I sent you!

Take care and have a good one!