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How do you crate and ship your engines?

Of course if you are within driving distance, you are more than welcome to make an appointment to pick-up your engine, and we'll help you load it up and strap it down.

If you are out of the area and need an engine shipped, we will mount it on a standard pallet and seal it up real well with industrial plastic so no rain, dirt or dust can get in. It looks like a cocoon when we are finished with it!

Truck freight is NOT included in the price of the engines. We ship all of our engines across the nation and around the world through who are freight brokers and are by far the best at both service and price. They are very similar to places like or and how they get great prices at major hotels. FreightQuote simply books major trucking companies that aren't quite full, so you get a great price with a well known, reliable company.

Truck freight can be expensive because of fuel costs these days. Usually it runs anywhere from $200 to $400 depending on how far away, or how far out in the boonies you are.

When the engine leaves our shop, we take digital pictures of it as it left to show the exact condition of it at that time. If in the very unlikely event that something happens to it in the trucking process, (which is rare) you MUST take it up with the trucking company, and not us! If they break or damage it, then they can pay for it. We will NOT be held responsible for replacing damaged parts they THEY broke! Again, it is very rare that we have any problems, but occasionally we'll get a call that a distributor car got broken or something minor like that. We won't replace those parts. That is on the trucking company's dime, not ours

We do our very vest to make the shipping process as easy as possible, and really, it IS easy and fast. They have all of our infomation and they know exactly what to do to help you out. We do our best to make sure everything runs smooth for you and that you get your nice, new power plant in excellent condition.

How do you crate and ship your engines?


This is what an engine looks like that we've crated and sealed up for shipment. It is padded all the way around with very durable construction foam and sealed-up so well, it could sit out in an Oklahoma down pour and not get a drop of water or dirt in it.

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