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Welcome to Bad Ass Cars! Your source for free performance car & engine tech tips, how-to videos, photo galleries, information and entertainment for all gear heads and enthusiasts. 

"That's Bad Ass!" It's the first thing people would say when they saw the cars and engines I built, and that's exactly how my shop got its name.


Hello hot rodders and power addicts, welcome to Bad Ass Cars! My name is Arron Johnson. I'm retired now, but I spent over 30 years of my life building all kinds of race winning & show winning cars and engines, and now I want to share my knowledge and experience with you to help get your car performing at its absolute best, and help prevent you from making costly mistakes that I learned to avoid along the way by offering my free Tech Tips and How-To videos section at this link.

All of the cars and/or engines in the slide show above I built, and it's only a tiny fraction of them.


I built a reputation for building some of the baddest, most powerful - reliable, and best performing street and race engines and cars across the nation and around the globe. A lot of the cars I built in my day ended up in many major magazines, including numerous cover shots and multi-page articles and have won countless local and national car shows. Many of the race engines I built went-on to win races around the globe, including setting track records and creating multiple class champions in road racing, drag racing, mud boggers, Baja 500 trucks, Silver State Classic & Bonneville 100 cars, drag boats, and beyond. I built cars and engines for clients in all 50 states and 14 countries around the world. 

Let my knowledge & experience help you by visiting my free Tech Tips page!

Welcome Hot Rodders and Power Addicts!

If you would like to learn some really great and useful knowledge about performance engines, components, tuning, etc, then be sure to check out my FREE Tech Tips page, and be sure to share it with your gear head friends. Also, please feel free to copy the page URLs and share the tips with your friends on your favorite car forums. Click HERE to be taken to my Tech Tips page quicker than a top fueler makes a perfect pass.

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Check out my newest videos!
Check Out My Newest Videos!
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To see pictures of cars & engines we've built, be sure to check out our Photo Gallery by clicking HERE.


Car Shows and Swap Meet dates

Hey gear heads, if you're looking for car shows and swap meet dates and locations around the greater San Francisco Bay Area, then be sure to check out our Car Show & Swap Meet Dates page in the top menu bar of our website, or for your convenience, just click HERE.

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