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About Us
About Us

I owned and operated Bad Ass Cars for 30+ years. I was a long time racer and hot rodder who grew-up in the east bay area of northern California.

Remember when you were in school and there was that one kid with the baddest car in town? That was me. I never took auto shop, never played by the rules, and never took any prisoners when it came to building cars and engines. I was the real life "John Milner" from American Graffiti in my area all through the 80's and 90's.

I wasn't rich. In fact I didn't have much money at all, but I worked at a couple of auto parts stores to fuel my passion and learned by the seat of my pants how to build my cars and engines to not break because I couldn't afford to keep repairing them.

Because of my car and reputation, I got a lot of requests to work on other people's cars, so I opened my own shop and went-on to build countless cars and engines for people around the globe that won all kinds of shows, races and racing circuits, and were in numerous magazines. Some of the cars set track records at several race tracks and were class champions, from drag racing, to road racing, to mud bogs, to Baja off road racing, to drag boats, to Bonneville & beyond!

I'm retired now and own a winery between Sonoma & Napa, California called The Lodge Winery & Olive Oil Co. but I keep this site up and running for you to enjoy and to utilize information from my real world / 30+ years of experience to help you get your car performing at its best. 

About Us:

Since 1979 myself and my crew built street and race engines & cars for thousands of happy customers around the world. I developed a world wide reputation for building some of the baddest cars and most reliable engines. I had engines and cars winning races and car shows all across America and in numerous countries around the world, such as Germany, Norway, Turkey, Egypt, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia and beyond! Bad Ass Cars was truly world wide!


Edelbrock Arron Johnson

I was asked by my long time friend, Vic Edelbrock, to be the official tech host for his company, the industry's highest regarded / most trusted performance components manufacturer. When you buy an Edelbrock product, such as a carburetor, you get a DVD in the box with highly detailed, easy to follow visual instructions on how to properly install, adjust and tune it. I filmed and hosted those videos. I was also behind several of Edelbrock's components, such as the small block Ford Victor series nitrous / supercharger cylinder heads, as well as the 351W dual quad intake manifold. I also wrote numerous tech articles for several magazines and automotive companies such as Eastwood Co., and performance auto web sites such as Speed Talk.com and several others.


About Us

My mug shot, LOL! The "Bad Ass" of performance engines and vehicles! 

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