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My 65 Mustang

My 65 Mustang

This 65 Mustang "C" code Fastback was also my car. It was nothing fancy when I bought it, just a plain old 2 BBL 289 with drum brakes. My buddy, Fernando Vasquez, completely stripped it down and painted it. The whole front-end is fiberglass with 3 1/2" flares both in the front and back quarter panels to house the fat meats stuffed underneath. It has weld-on sub frame connectors, under ride traction bars, 1 1/8" front sway bar and a 7/8" rear sway bar. 5 1/2 leaf rear springs and 750 Lb. front springs with a quick steering package on a power steering box (it's manual steering though). It's dropped 2 inches all the way around, has Koni shocks, 4 piston caliper disc brakes, a 3.55 Detroit locker rear-end, a highly customized later model (large spline) C-4 tranny with 4340 input shaft, Kevlar clutches, billet planetary's, a reverse pattern - manual valve body and a 3,500 RPM stall converter. The interior is all new with a custom made 8 point cage, Pro-Car seats and 5 point Simpson harnesses.


The engine is a custom, one of a kind "long rod" 302 made from a strong Mexican block with 5.4" 4340 steel rods, a 4130 forged steel crank, Custom made JE super-Lite pistons with iron ductile rings. The bottom-end has one of our Billet aluminum main supports and is fully studded with ARP studs. A custom ground Crower blower cam. The Edelbrock Victor Jr. heads are heavily ported and have Crane Chrome moly push rods and aluminum roller rockers. A ported Edelbrock Victor Jr. intake manifold bolts-up to the heads and is topped-off with a Barry Grant "Silver Claw" carb with an overdriven Paxton supercharger feeding into it. There are 2 separate nitrous systems on board. One is a nitrous "gas only" shot that goes into the blower inlet as an intercooler. The second is a 250HP plate under the carb with a fuel correction solenoid to make up for the already ice cold, nitrous rich air/fuel mixture coming out of the blower. It'll make 4 digit horsepower all day on the bottles and 700+ on the motor alone. This isn't a "drag racer" though, so don't ask what it'll run, I haven't run it down the strip yet but when I do, it would be like bringing a Formula-1 racer to the drag strip... lots of horsepower, great handling but totally NOT set-up for drag racing. I would expect a fairly easy 10 second pass though. I built it to just be bad to the bone on the street, smoke tires for days and to eat-up Vipers, Vette's, Euro sports cars and so on. Kind of like a "Cannon Ball Run" racer. It handles as good as it goes, and then some! You can sure hear it when it's coming down the road with its 3" exhaust system and 2 chamber Flowmasters. Hope you like it as much as I do!

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