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454 Big block Chevy

454 Big block Chevy

Been thinkin' about that GM502 for your ride? Think again! The two pictures on this page are of our 530-560 HP 454's with various options, AND there is a video below of one of these in action.

ALL of our engines are built one at a time, specifically for your particular car and driving needs, NOT on an assembly line with generic parts that everyone must make work for their vehicles. Do you really think there's one great engine combo that can do it all? No way! EVERY one of our engines is custom tailored to YOUR exact needs, AND... our big blocks make WAY more power, right from the get-go, at a better price than you'll find anywhere than ANY generic 454 or 502.

Do the math; 502 cubic inches and 502 HP is one HP per cubic inch. Ours make an average of 20-25% MORE power with LESS cubic inches and at a better price! Ever see the inside of a 502? Probably not, but we have. They have small, low flowing, small oval port heads. We use BIG breathing rectangle port heads that make BIG power, yet still make BIG time torque at lower RPM's, as you'll see in the video below. They use stamped steel, non roller rockers. We use name brand aluminum rollers. They use plain old push rods, we use heavy duty chrome moly push rods. They use plain old main and rod bolts. We use only the best ARP bolts. They use non-plated outer bolts. We use high quality stainless steel outer bolts. GM usually uses plastic timing covers that can only be used once on most of their engines. See any plastic crap on our engines? No way! So which would YOU rather have sitting in YOUR ride? A generic, under powered, assembly line made engine, or a one of a kind, specially built - bad to the bone, killer looking, balls-out REAL horsepower engine?

454 cubes not big enough for you? No problem. We build all kinds of strokers. 496, 509, 514, 532, 540, 555, 572 and monster 614 & 632 cubic inchers. Pump gas, race gas, alcohol, carbbed, blown, nitroused, injected or whatever you want... we build them! Don't see what you want? Drop us an e-mail from our "contact us " page and we'll see what we can put together for you.


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The video above is from one of our customer's, Bill Wiehe after he got his newly built 454 in his car and running. He wanted to show us how much torque his daily driven 454 has, so he made this short video clip of it doing a 20-25 MPH "roll-on" when all hell breaks loose. Notice how he HAS to get out of it because the car is going sideways. Trust us, as long as that pedal is mashed, that car will continue to smoke the tires, no matter what gear it's in! Thanks Bill for the great video and great props! We're glad you are enjoying your torque monster!

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