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Engine Prices In General

Engine Prices In General

Nothing good is cheap, and nothing cheap is good. You get what you pay for. An engine is a big investment and a labor intensive item to install so you want to BE SURE you make the right decision ONCE so you'll be happy with it and not have any regrets later-on. We do our very best to provide you with as much information as possible to HELP you make the right decision. To get a better understanding of why some engines are "cheap" from some places and other's "appear" to be more expensive, please click on "Engine Price Info" to learn why, and be sure to watch the two videos at the bottom of that page to see why it is so important to understand that you get what you pay for. After you do that, take everything you just learned into consideration when looking at some of the general engines and prices below. Are we "cheap"?... yes and no. For what you are getting as far as parts, quality, craftsmanship, expertise, etc, what we offer IS a bargain, but compared to a crappy built. "cheap" priced generic crate engine, we may not seem to be the best deal around, but there's good reason for it. Ya get what ya pay for!

Keep in mind, what's listed below are prices for COMMON engines! We build a LOT more types & sizes of engines. The below prices are just to give you a good idea of what a typical / commonly asked for engine would cost, with additionally asked for options. Obviously we can't list prices or combos for every type of engine we build or the list would be a mile long. If you don't see a price for what you're looking for, just send us an e-mail and ask.

There are countless types of engines, brands, different popularities, different uses, and a whole slew of different types of parts available for any given engine. With that, prices for any given engine will obviously vary depending on what goes in it, and on it.

back when I was in business I used to get e-mails and calls every single day from people asking how much a particular engine would cost, and the answer always was; there is no ONE cost. It can cost a varying range depending on what you decide you want, and what I decided that I was willing to put in it to meet my quality standards, or what I was NOT willing to put in it if I felt what you wanted in it (to fit your budget) wouldn't allow that engine last.

You don't want an engine that is destine to fail, nor was I willing to build one that I even remotely thought would fail just to save someone some money, so we had to first come to an agreement of what you NEEDED to spend, to get the kind of power you want, and MORE importantly, to make it last and be reliable, and what you are WILLING to spend to get a truly Bad Ass engine. Otherwise maybe just a simple, generic, off the shelf crate engine is more what you're looking for, and I simply didn't sell, or mess with those weenie little engines.

A lot of people are shocked at what a REAL Bad Ass engine costs to build. Quality isn't cheap. No one ever said it was. There is no magic wand to make stuff cheaper than it costs. It's like a home; there is a HUGE difference between a 2,000 square foot "home" as compared to a 2,000 square foot double-wide mobile home. They're both 2,000 square feet. They both have appliances. They both sleep the same number of people. The both have windows, doors, bathrooms, etc, but one is a solid home built on a solid foundation, with real walls, real floors, a real roof, and a price tag of $500k - $900+k. The other is nothing more than a glorified "trailer" that I can buy all day long for $60k - $90k.

I'm not knocking anyone who lives in a mobile home. I am just saying it isn't as strong, or as sound as a home on a foundation. Engines are no different, whether you are looking at the cubic inches or the power output... HOW they are built is almost EVERYTHING as far as the quality goes and how long it will last, as well as how much it's going to cost. I didn't build "mobile home" engines.

Go pick-up a Summit Racing catalog, a Jeg's catalog or some other performance parts supplier catalog and start adding things up needed to build a nice engine and you'll see for your self.

Here is a list of what you'll need to look up:

A block
Main Bearings
Rod Bearings
Cam Bearings
Main Bolts
Harmonic Balancer
Balancer Bolt
Freeze Plugs
A "Finish Kit" (dowels, keyways, eccentrics, etc)
Oil Pump
Oil Pump pick-up screen
Oil pump drive
Timing Assembly
MLS gaskets if it's blown or has nitrous
Head Bolts
Rocker Arms
Push Rods
Rocker Studs 
Timing Cover
Oil Pan
Intake Manifold
Distributor Hold Down
carb Studs
Valve Covers
PCV Valve
Fuel Pump
Fuel lines and filter from pump to carb
Flywheel or Flexplate
Bolts for the flywheel or flexplate
Paint, Sealers and Lube
Outer Bolts for the assembly

Now count-in: Cleaning, magnafluxing, machining, mocking-up & pre-fitting, clearancing, balancing, port matching, painting, and of course the final assembly.

It all adds-up REAL fast, especially with performance stuff when you add KEY WORDS like "H series", "Forged", "SFI", "4340", "Double Roller", "Billet", "Moly", "Plasma Moly", Chrome Moly", "Roller", "Light Weight", Aluminum", Etc, Etc.

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