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Personal Consulting with Arron

Personal Consulting with Arron

Are you building an engine or a car and aren't sure exactly what the best parts or combo is to go with? If you order or install the wrong parts, it's going to end-up costing you a lot of time, money, and frustration to have to go back and un-do everything that you just did, and then have to do it all over again the right way. Wouldn't it be great to KNOW what to buy and run the first time around?

If you're tired of getting conflicting information or "advice" from guys who THINK they know what they're talking about, but really don't, to get your car performing at its absolute best, then let a REAL expert help you!


Personal consulting with Arron

Arrange a personal consulting session with Arron himself and get truly PROFESSIONAL and ACCURATE advice, including brands, part numbers, etc. for what to run, (and what NOT to run), so you get the best set-up & combo for your car or engine the first time around, instead of finding out the hard way that "your buddy", or the so called "tech guy" that you called didn't really know what he was talking about, which ends up costing YOU time, money and frustration to go back and have to fix it again the RIGHT WAY. 

Personal consulting with Arron

It's as easy as a phone call, and the cost for the personal consultation is WELL worth not having to deal with ordering the wrong parts and having to send them back, or worse yet, installing them based on bad advice, and not only having an engine (or a car) that ends up not being able to perform as it should, but ending up with a bunch of parts that now can't be returned because they've already been installed, which is going to cost you even MORE time and money to buy the RIGHT components and to do the installation all over again.

Whether you install your own parts or pay someone else to do the installation for you, it is a HUGE hassle, it is VERY frustrating, and it costs YOU two or three times more money to go back and do it all over again the right way! Well, now you can avoid all of that hassle by scheduling a personal consultation with Arron and have his absolute, undivided attention to set you up with ALL of the absolute best components you need to be running in your engine, or on your car, to get the beast performance, the best bang for your buck, and to have the best time with what you ultimately end-up with. It just makes sense.

The average cost of a typical consultation is $50 - $100 depending on how involved it is, with a $50 minimum charge. Your credit card is charged the minimal amount up front to get started. The average $50 consultation is about 15 to 20 minutes, which is enough time to help you determine the right size and type of carburetor to use, the right camshaft profile, which transmission, torque converter, gearing, etc, to use, or whatever basic info you're looking to find out about your car or engine. For all of those combined, or for even more details and info, or if you want a whole engine build recipe with part numbers and such, that will run you into the $100 fee. The $100 consultation can also be for finding more about complete engine builds and components, nitrous oxide, supercharges and other "more than basic" information that you are looking for, OR for $1.50 a minute, (with a $50 minimum charge), you can consult with Arron on any and everything you want, for as long as you want. The options are up to you. 

Please keep in mind; Arron only worked with AMERICAN cars, trucks and engines. If you have an import car, unless it's some basic information you're looking for on universal things, such as nitrous oxide, forced induction, etc, then this consultation opportunity is probably not for you.

If you're interested, please go to our CONTACT US page and let us know a bit of basic information about your car or engine and what you're looking to find out and we'll be glad to book your own personal and uninterrupted consultation session with Arron himself.

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