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Welcome to the testimonials page where customers have taken the time to post how happy they were with the engines I built and the service of my shop.



“Arron built an amazing 408 (I said I wanted something that would pull everywhere for the street), fitted everything from the radiator to the exhaust tips, including all suspension and drive train. He shipped the car to me in New Zealand, and the day it was ready to drive on the street (after painting, assembling and registration compliance), I took it the track to see what it was all about, and the n spent 5 days driving it over 2,500 miles on windy roads all over NZ in the Targa NZ Tour. Great job Arron – it brought a huge smile to my face and we dressed to match the year my grandfather bought the car new. And it’s just come off the dyno – 443 HP & 477 Ft/Lbs of torque – AT THE WHEELS! Awesome job man, Thanks!!”
Dennis Dowling - Auckland, New Zealand.

The car runs great and everyone who hears it is impressed with the killer sound. Their first impression is that I have more than a 350 under the hood until I tell them. This was a complete restoration (sandblasted frame) with almost every movable part being replaced. New auto trans, positive traction rear end, power steering, power brakes and air conditioning were some of the upgrades. The big upgrade was a Bad Ass 350 chevy engine from Bad Ass Cars. Both the look and performance exceeded my expectations. Even though I'm located in Chicago, it seems like I was standing next to Arron as the engine was built. The shipping process was flawless and the engine cranked at the first turn of the key.
Eric Barnes e.m.barnes@sbcglobal.net

While building my entry for the Dirtbag Challenge Low Rent Chopper Build-Off, I found myself in need of a custom, one-off front axle. I called Aaron and he told me to come right over. I arrived to find a fully equiped shop, lathe, milling machine... you name it. Aaron quicking fired up the lathe and machined my custom axle in no time. Since then I have attended a few swap meets w/Aaron where we had a blast, he really knows is stuff when it comes to performance automotive. For a good time, ask him to explain the legendary "3/4 Cam".
Tony P. tpassetti@sbcglobal.net

My rating says it all...Arron and the team at Bad Ass Racing are the absolute best! They are down to earth real racers who are experts at what they do. 

Arron has the ability to take complex theories, principles, etc...and "dumb down" the information in such a way that even the most novice of enthusiasts can understand. Just order one of his Power Building videos and you'll see what I mean.

Arron's built me a Bad to the Bone Blown small block in the past and is currently finishing up a nasty blown, injected 540 for another project.

They are a full service shop so not only can they build you a wicked engine, the can install, tune and build you a chassis to support it too!

Jerry S. jerrysanguinetti@ymail.com

Arron really knows what he's doing and takes his craft seriously. His attention to detail will save you money down the road and likely surpass your expectations in the present. He's a straight shooter and will tell you truthfully if your plans might not be the best setup for you, and guide you to the best solution for your planned usage and budget. He builds anything from ultra reliable street, to street / strip / track, to full track. You can also count on him for many areas of the vehicle build besides the engine. He rebuilt my 347 after a nitrous mishap and it performed at the same level w/o the re-addition of nitrous. My car will be back someday for that stroker 460!

Rich Pedraza rich.pedraza@gmail.com

I don't usually write reviews, as I rarely ever come across businesses that are worthy of the time it takes to write one. But, in the case of Arron Johnson, owner of Bad Ass Cars, writing this review was a pleasure. I first contacted Arron a few years back about building a motor for my Chevelle. I took my time while looking for a builder, as I have been burned before. I had many a conversations via phone & e-mail with various builders, but I kept coming back to Arron. The one thing I noticed right off with Arron was, he and I were on the same page as to what I wanted to do with my engine. Many of the "so called" shops that claim to build high performance engines seemed to always want to change or deviate from what I wanted. I also learned very fast, that Arron's product knowledge, as well as his years of experience in this field, were far more advanced than many of the engine building shops that I had spoke with. I found this especially true in the area of engines running boost & N2o. So, I decided to work with Arron's shop. He built me a all aluminum roots blown 383. In addition, it is equipped with a 16 injector BDS EFI system & a direct port N2o System as well as a blower plate system. A lot of shops claim to build engines like this, but on closer inspection, they may have only built such an engine once or twice. Arron builds this kind of set up several times a year. Again, his knowledge of combining multiple power adders is very hard to find these days. So, if your looking for a naturally aspirated street engine, or something crazy fast like the motor he built for me, Arron is a good choice. Check out my motor on his web page at Bad Ass, and you'll see the level of skill that this shop is capable of. Trust me, you wont be disappointed.

Tim Autry n2orat@aol.com

Arron has been doing this for years, and it shows. He knows exactly what he is doing when it comes to building cars and hot rods! I have seen some outstanding rides besides mine come out of his shop. He has done engine tuning on my car, but he also put in my roll bar and installed a Wilwood drilled, vented, slotted 4 wheel disc brake system. Nope, not just motors, any custom work. Bring him a frame and an idea and watch it happen! He is also very fair and will educate you at the same time. If you want something, he will let you know everything about what you want to do, so that you can make informed choices, even if might be a downsell. When it comes time for a Paxton to go on my 66 Mustang Convert, you know where I am taking it! Mr. Bad Ass will take you car and KIck Ass!

David Gast dsg300hp@yahoo.com

Bad Ass Arron is in a league of his own. I've been building and collecting cars for over 30 years. If you want your ride built right, BadAss is the choice to make. His stuff just doesnt break. Whether you are wanting a killer " Pro Street " car that runs as great on the highway as it does on the strip, Arron is the ONLY choice. Year after year you can run his engines with just the simplest of service, like maybe an oil change. You are dealing with an individual who eats sleeps and breaths perfection into his craft. There is nobody better and you get complete peace of mind knowing your ride will out run, out perform, and whoop a@@ most anything else on the street or track. Thanks Arron for 10 great years of fun... Here's to the next 10+!
Jens Dalsgaard / San Rafael, CA

Was sippin' on a beer, reflecting back on me day's of old, looking at my motor, thinkin' was this the only SBC you built where you stamped "bad ass matt"? After a minute of careful contemplating, I came to the conclusion, "yep, and damn proud of it!" I see that the rest of the world would sooner or later figure out the norcal secret, your talent has come to light. Good for you Arron! I still got the Camaro, it's still got the ol' holley's on top, (tried the mech bug catcher route on the street, no mas!) AND most of all, the motor has had the shit kicked out of it, ran dry of coolant, blown 3 tranny's under boost, fragged the 10 bolt, survived a wife and two sons,etc. AND your mill still sits between the fenders! Ahhhhh, must have done something right..... ;) Oh yeah, I still got the wife & two sons :) BTW, this is not a paid advertisement, and if it becomes one, I want V.I.P. passes thru Bernsteins pit....Good show brother.....

Matt Nausin fairywench@comcast.net

I wanted to drop you a line just to say hello and to thank you again for building me such a phenomenal engine. She really kicks ass!!! We don’t have the chassis completely tuned yet, but we did run her a few weeks back and her best run was a 9:13 @ 147 mph. Remember, that’s without the squeeze too! I also had her at the GoodGuy’s Rod and Custom show and it won the “Bad to the Bone” award and because of that exposure it’s going to be in several calendars and quite possibly make it into a hard cover book on Camaro’s.

Thanks again for building me such a “BAD ASS” engine. It scares the shit out of everybody who hears it!

Jerry Sanguinetti jsanguinetti@mobimine.com

I happened onto your bad-ass website while trouble shooting some issues with the 302 in my 68 Mustang tonite (googling)...and then wound up seeing Edelbrock's video's you did. Since I have the 289 performer with a 1406 carb these videos were @#$%! great! I also liked your straight talk in your engine faq.
You ever do any telephone/email consulting or trouble-shooting?
Mark markw@swmbits.net

Without question, your web site is the best that i have ever seen, awsome ! you obviously are not afraid to say the how's and what's of engine building, some guys hoard the info like they own it, you have answered most of my questions on the tech tips and i'm impressed with the detail that an owner is intitled to, when he wants an engine for his specific needs, thank you , thank you. when i decide what i need and you have helped in that manner , i will give you the opportunity to bid on an engine for me. again you say it the way it is and i respect and love your attitude. no bs and no hoarding.........
mike pray
vancouver bc
canada mprayok@shaw.ca

Arron, finally got a chance to get out and drive it. WOW!!!!! If this is what you call a mild build, I would hate to come up against one of your wild ones. This thing just flat out goes. I asked you for something that had some bottom end to it and you nailed it. Get on it and it just goes. No flat spots. Even with my tall 1st gear, it just goes and only gets stronger as the revs build. I actually had someone ask if I had a big block in it. I'm setting off car alarms in parking lots as I drive by. My neighbors probably hate me. It's idling well at about 850 and it runs like a bat out of hell. I’m still trying to get the stupid grin off my face.
Mike White wytmike@pacbell.net

My name is Rob Grant from Kansas City, I bought a hopped up "Street Beast" from you back in June. It took 4 months, but the engine is finally in my '87 Mustang LX, and it is absolutley insane! I have only been driving the car since Saturday, but it didn't take long to get the timing and carb adjusted, and that motor really screams!! Thanks for such a great job!

Rob Grant KCK gsxr14@comcast.net

After everything I just wanted to say THANKS !!!

She runs awesome now. No problems AT ALL. Great power, great torque and I'm still getting 22 mpg of the freeway, and it's completely legit ! While everyone else is constantly wasting money on cheapo crate engines, I'm laughing . . . she seems to sound better and better every time I turn the key. Most people are amazed I'm getting this kind of power with TBI -- and all the TPI guys don't knock me anymore. I don't feel I've wasted a single dime with the investment, and I know she'll be just as strong in years to come. Thanks again !

Alex D'Ambrosio adambros@claresco.com

I saw your little blurp in Hot Rod Magazine Today. Melissa seems to be doing well with that BAD-ASS engine.

Just thought it was cool to see your name in the magazine. Anyway my car is working great. I'm getting all ready for this season to start in March. I don't know if I told you but I won the Championship in my class last season. It was the inagural season so they were sorting out the classes. I will end up in a higher class now because I smoked them in the other. It will be interesting this season. I am getting much better at using all of the "Bad Ass" motor now. (no more pussy foot). Anyway hope all is well.


Keith (72 RAY) keiferpkr@cox.net

If you need to talk to someone that believes in Aaron's products, drop me a note. I am making more power without NOS with the same displacement as my other motor that I had with NOS. I had to put a serpentine belt system on because it was destroying v belts. It took a brand new trans out in two passes. I now have all the transmission problems fixed. Now I need to put BIGGER rubber on the back to get it to hook up. I will be getting it dyno-tuned in January of 2005. Aaron doesn't just build motors. Every time I talk to him I learn something new. He is a great source of knowledge. The only motor that I will put in my car or would recommend for my friends is BAD ASS RACING MOTORS! PERIOD!

David Carlson, South Dakota blacksunshine@direcway.com

If you're looking to have a badass engine built, then I highly recommend Arron from Badass Racing Engines. In a world so hard to trust a guy who says he'll properly do the job without ripping you off, Arron is definetly the guy to trust. He'll literally build you a high quality badass engine for an absolutely better than fair price. More helpful than any guy I've ever met and works with you till the very end. My baby turns heads everywhere I go with all the noise she makes, and has the power to back it up. I'm won over; no one else builds my engines for life.
From L.A.,
Jon jmarque2@mercury.calstatela.edu  (Jon has a V-8 powered Pontiac Fiero with one of our full roller EFI 383 stroker's)

I just wanted to say that I saved up my money while I was in "Operation Iraqi Freedom" for the 383 stroker that sits in my vette. I decided what options I wanted and Aaron made it happen. The engine runs perfect. It has 450 horsepower with gobs of torque. I estimate close to 500 foot lbs. It makes my car a blast to drive. I just love smokin' the Cobras, SS's and especially all the ricers. It ran 7.9@ 100 mph in the 1/8 mile. My girlfriend even gets to drive it some and always gets out with a wide grin on her face. She is a helicopter mechanic in the Army so she helped me drop the 383 in. For all you guys out there who want to turn a gal on,,,just drop a BADASS engine in your car and give her a ride.

Bob Prestridge Fort Campbell, Ky robert.prestridge@us.army.mil

It's been about 6 months since I got the Monster Motown 434 back from you. Any problems we had with the first motor are COMPLETLY gone. You build BAD-ASS engines and stand behind them 100%. Honest and straight forward business people are rare these days. I want to thank you for stepping up and taking care of me on it. The shakedown on this Bad Boy was California Speedway and let me tell you it RIPPED! I had a couple of Z06 guy's come find me in the pits to see what I had that could blow past them the way I did. I said it was a BAD-ASS small block by Arron Johnson.( They looked but had no Idea!) I came clean later and told them it was not just a small block but a BAD-ASS 434ci Motown solid roller 7000 rpm MONSTER. I LOVE it and it RIPPS. I get thumbs up everywhere I go. Thanks again Arron.
P.S. Anyone who is considering Arron for a BAD-ASS motor do not hesitate. He will take care of you from beginning to end and then beyond!. No B.S., straight talk and Honest. I would recommend a BAD-ASS engine to anyone!!!

Keith Parker keiferpkr@cox.net

Aaron, Well its been 1 full year of trouble free running with my Cobra.Your engine has performed above all expectations! I run in the 12's at the strip & I get 17mpg @ 80mph on the highway! I would recomend your engines to anyone! I took quickest 60 ft times at the strip and had the fastest 351 non stroker at the big Cobra gathering here in Indiana. I won the 0 to 0 contest (dead stop to maximum speed and back to a deadf stop again) where response counted & not top end horsepower. Basically a 150ft track & stop in a 5ft box. If you went out of the box, disqualifed. Stop short & you waste time getting to the box. Lot of fun!! PS: My engine has not used a drop of oil. It is amazing how well it runs with a dead smooth idle.

Yesterday I dynoed a 66 mustang with a 351 385hp svo crate motor. It made 20ft lbs less torque at peak than my cobra. HP was identical at peak. My cobra had 50 more ft lbs at 2500 to 4000. The crate motor had a very rough idle, mine idles nice and smooth.

Thanks again.

Dan Mroz dan@mrozcompleteauto.com


camaro dave vasquez, Sonoma, CA dave6770@yahoo.com

Thanks so much for the work you did on LNYMAC's '55 Ford Fairlane Victoria! You went "above and beyond" for us and we appreciate your effort. Your contacts with people in the biz of cars (and especially the classics) is amazing. You hunted down parts that were obscure.....and ACTUALLY FOUND THEM!!!! We were always kept up to date with was happening with the Vickie (even in foreign languages!).....BTW....we had Arron rebuild the engine and tranny...switched to disc brakes (and for those of you who knew of lnymac's Club Sedan, that was a HIGH priority!)...Arron did a few little other jobs on the car...to make it the daily driver we knew she could be. We still have a couple of little jobs on the Vickie to bring it full circle to when she first rolled off the line....but, with Arron around....this Vickie will be rockin'and rollin' at Hot August Nights 2001! If there is a car out there that needs some TLC...(now that that big ass car of lnymac's is outta there)....get in touch with Arron....he will definitely make it what you want it to be. The engine in the Vickie purrs like a kitten in the midst of a belly-rub!
Liz MacDonald, Sonoma, CA lizmac@vom.com

Thanks for helping me with my engine arron. everyone thinks i have a big-block when i pull up, they can't believe it's only a 355, especially after i run another low 14 second in a big ole chevy pickup. now let's hurry up with your own bad-ass car, the mustang needs to breathe fire once again.

Rich Romeo, Santa Rosa, CA rromeo@pacwestracing.net

Arron---that beast is so awesome you should see all the looks I get now -- not that I didn't get looks before but now ----- WOW! every body I pass just gives googoo eyes---I was on the freeway the other day and this mustang pulled up and wanted to race and I did a no-no and hit it --- left him in my dust and I let him catch up and he wanted to know what I had under the hood and I did my braggin rights--you built me a bad ass engine and I love it--what can I say--you have my vote. It is runnin like a top! talk to you later----Jim

James Blencowe, Sonoma, CA jimnterri@earthlink.net

Thanks Arron for the great motor! I had a 302 built for my '89 Bronco with a cam that's a lil taller than stock and it makes all the differnce in the world. I have more torque for when I go off-road and more hp to get me where I need to go a lil faster. I am completely happy with this new motor. It performs well off-road and on the street as a daily driver. I talked to a few guys about the prices and the quality of work and they all said I got a good deal for high quality. It would have actually costed more to have my old one rebuilt by some other shop. Thanks again for the great motor!

Jon Lobo, Daly City, CA jay0807@hotmail.com

Hi Arron, thanks for the great 355 chevy combination! Hey everyone, I have an 18 foot flatbottom DRAGBOAT. Arron set me up with a killer pump gas combo and did the head/intake work, and last Saturday I ripped off an ET 9 tenths quicker than my quickest ever, and I haven't even started tweaking stuff yet! If you're unfamiliar with dragboats, that's a huge increase, 'cause you're pushing water rather than tires, which is much harder to do. Aaron really took the time to listen, ask questions, and put lots of thought into this combo. All the "big" cam companies I called wanted to recommend a cam after a few minutes of talking, how can they possibly know what I need??? Even better, Arron set me up with a "combo" , not just a cam recommendation. It's all got to work together, and it really does. I race with the Delaware Valley Boat Racing Club, an east coast non-profit organization. Between races, I'm beating up big blocks on the Rancocas Creek in NJ, oh yeah, out! boards, too - dusted a Liberator pickle-fork with a Merc 2.5 offshore, never even saw the guy! When I found Arron on the Internet, I was leary of dealing with someone so far away, someone I only knew through my PC monitor, but everything happened just as he said it would, he always returned my emails, and delivered on time. Thank you Arron. Your decals are proudly displayed on the boat.

Ed Becker, Abington, PA dvbrc@home.com

Aaron, thank you for building us our new 540 inch blown gasser. We took low et at the nostalgia drags with a 6.58!! That's not only screaming, it was faster than most of the blown alcohol cars there too! Our new dragster is faster than ever and is "BAD-ASS" all the way! Thanks again. We'll see you next year when we are back up at Sears Point. To anyone else reading this, Aaron built us a GREAT engine with no BS and he was straight up and to the point. The price for what we got was great too. I would recommend a BAD ASS engine to anyone and everyone.

Bob Saunders, Bakersfield, CA drag1@prodigy.net

Hey all! Yet another postive thumbs up for BADASS RACING ENGINES! I needed a built 350 shortblock assembly for my 671 blower, Called Aaron, told him what i wanted, He said no problem, laid down the dough, and off we go. Bottom line folkies, I took a chance on him to do the job right, instead of going to the regular guys around town, and was not disappointed to say the least. HE GETS IT DONE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME! End result.... One kick ass blown small block chevy. Thanks dude!

Matt Nausin, Fairfield, CA Kspritey@aol.com

I've always wanted to add hp to my stang, but I didn't know who to take it to. I called several places and they referred me to Aaron. He built me a complete engine and rebuild my tranny, my car kicks ass. I am so stoked with the work he did, its unreal, I'll definitely have him work on my car again in the future. Thanks Aaron- Awesome job!

Doug Latch, Santa Rosa, CA dougs69@user.kingsnake.com

Arron puts the same quality and integrity into his ongoing customer relations as he does his first rate engine service. After having spent a considerable amount of his time explaining his engine build process, there left no doubt that I had chosen the right person to build a hot performance street engine for my 66 Mustang GT. The end result being a well crafted, reliable and kick-ass ride! What I most appreciated was how Arron went out of his way to make sure I was going to be satisfied. Even after the installation, Arron has continued to oblige his services with what ever I needed in the way of fine tuning etc. The bottom line here is that Arron is a professional craftsman which translates into one very satisfied customer. Thanks Arron!!

Pete Lenzi, Petaluma, CA plenzi1@home.com

If you want to build a motor that will spank the peters off every one else talk to Arron he has built three motors for me and the 289 with stock heads beat the crap out of a 91 chevy 454 ss that had a few goodies, he thought he had a fast truck untill a yellow 65 ranchero whooped his ass

Brandon West, Fallon, NV klitkilla@hotmail.com

Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for everything! The "radolds" runs as great as it looks. I couldn't be happier. You told me what you were doing and why you were doing it, every step of the way, and you stayed within my budget. Any one that wants a great engine built come see this man he knows his engines! If and when I want some more work done, I'll look you up. Hope to see you at the shows. Thanks!

Paul Alabona, Cotati, CA radolds@saber.net

Aaron builds awesome engines. I shopped around for a crate motor for about 3 months; his engines are dollar for dollar the best out there. No one can come close to the quality he puts into his engines. I wanted an engine that would take street abuse, run good, have lots of power and Aaron delivered. Not only that, he works with you after it is delivered, I?very happy with the service and workmanship that only Bad Ass Racing can give. I highly recommend them.

Paul Head, Santa Fe, NM paulang@earthlink.net

I just got me BADASS 351W engine, this thing is one True Badass engine. Everything about the engine and the service that Arron gives is 100% Top Notch. Arron has been a big help with a lot of questions and had helped me make my 1967 Mustang into BadAss car. If you want an engine for your car built correctly this is the place to get it. I couldn't be anymore pleased with my BadAss engine and can't wait to blow the doors off all the Rice-Burners out there, and anything else that wants to try to keep up. Don't buy the crap in a crate when you can buy a BadAss engine. Keep up the Great work Arron.

Ron Walker, San Jose, CA rwalker8@pacbell.com

Thank you a billion times Aaron. My car's my personal baby, and I love it to death. But now, more and more people are loving my car too. Aaron made me a quite nice 351W solid roller that smokes it up real real nicely. I havn't got it dyno'd, or taken it to the strip yet, but she sure pulls hard even with my 2.70 gears! I got only a billion more things to do to her, but thanks to Aaron, my engine and trans are set to rock and light up the streets!

Andre Soileau

That 408 Windsor is definately BadAssed! We are running 10 second 1/4 miles now with our '66 Mustang with your motor! Very cool and it runs great on the street too. We're very happy customers, keep up the great work.

Steve Westerman, Sonoma, CA stevecj79@aol.com

If your'e serious about horse power, real horsepower , real as in no bullshit horse power, then BadAss is your answer. I'm 47 year old, from the late 60's, early 70's muscle car era. I was in search of a speed machine shop that could meet my needs when I found BadAss on the net. Search over!

I called BadAss and Aaron answered the phone, we started talking and it was like we had known each other for years. He knew people I knew from years ago. We spoke the same language. He was a true motor head. I made an appointment with him, we met and I told him what I was looking for in a race motor (the 383 stroker). He modified a 383 to my taste and needs. I'm talking the old fashioned trick stuff, not bullshit horse power! Aaron takes care of you. He is a man of intregity and of his word. He builds you a quality product and doesn't sell you things that you don't need.

What can I say, my '91 Chevy pickup kicks ass, a true 470 horse/383 stroker with N.O.S., its about 600 horsepower with a little added kick. Also don't rush the master. If you hire Aaron to do a job, he does each one of his creations one at a time.

Merrill Monday-Mr. '91, Coverdale, CA merrillandlisa@attbi.com


Matt Bucklin, Petaluma, CA

Hell Arron, all I had to do was stick one of your decals on my 65 Mustang, get a little advise from you and I pick up a couple of seconds per lap at Lowes Motor Speedway with the NASA American Iron boys. Imagine whats going to happen when I get up enough dough to buy that all aluminum Ford small block! Thanks for all the help. Let the 2003 racing season begin.

Henry Jones, Hephzibah, GA hjones101@comcast.net

Melissa finally got to run the car today! Four runs this morning at Infineon (Sears Point) and all were new bests. But the best was a 10.666 @ 123.113 mph w/ a 1.437 60'er and a 6.725 1/8 mile. The track was cold, but the air was about -800-900' all morning. We'll go do it again on SuperBowl Sunday if the weather allows.

Steve Westerman

Hi Aaron, Happy holidays to you & your family. You built me a great 302 engine with one of the first Edelbrock Fuel Injection systems made for Fords. I'll send you some pictures of the Ford Ranger I put it in soon...man this is still a fascinating site, no other like it.


Arron-you s.o.b.- I'm writing to complain about my broken trophy shelf. You
should warn a guy. Thanks, I had a great season. The motor is perfect, exactly what I ordered.

jon peters-sikora, mt.shast, ca mksikora@juno.com

Hey Arron, Thought I would just drop you a line and let you know that I took "Best of Engine" award again at the show in Petaluma on Sept 30th. Once again thanks for all the work putting this "Radolds" together. Still working on getting a different rear end set up so I can hook up all this power! But man am I having fun with this right now! Take Care. Radolds

Paul Alabona, Cotati, CA Radolds@Saber.net

Arron, I sent you some pic's of my 1967 Mustang you built the 351W BadAss engine for. Sorry it took me so long, been busy enjoying my new engine. So far I have raced at least six people and not one even came close. I even raced a new Vette and left him in the dust. Hope to see the pics on your web page. Let me know if they look ok to you. Once again thank you very much for your great service and the BadAss engine. Ron Walker One Pleased Customer

Ron Walker, San Jose, CA

HI Arron it's Matt Bucklin, I just wanted to thank you for that sick ass, bad ass 383 you built me. Any one who is looking for an engine that will blow the doors off of any small block should defiantly have you build them a BAD ASS 383. I wanted to tell you that I am 100% satisfied with my 383. The S.O.B has so much torque that it TWISTED the drive shaft on my car! I am also completely satisfied with the customer service that you have given me. Especially when you replaced all 16 of my rocker studs to ARP and put in a new set of trick flow push rods in for free because of that freak incident. Thanks again you saved me a ton of money. sincerely, Matt Bucklin

Matt Bucklin Matty5oo@yahoo.com

Arron, great straight forward honest help and information - what else could a race team ask for....... Thanks so much for help with my 1965 Road Racing Mustang. Your knowledge goes way beyond the 1/4 mile and that is truely unique this day and time. Thanks all the way from Georgia. Your are definately "Nation Wide". Henry Jones

Henry Jones, Hephzibah, GA hjones101@comcast.net

Arron, I just read your warranty & I'm glad to see someone "tell it like it is". I have been a dealership service manager for 20 years & am tired of" customers" abusing warranty. Thanks for letting me vent & I hope I can purchase one of your "Bad Ass" small blocks in the future. Best wishes, John

John Hancock, Rhome, Tx jhanjr@swbell.net

Arron, I hate you. This past wednesday, I took my car to Sears Point to play around at the drags. The first time out I lined up against this silver 66 Mustang coupe. Lights go green, it dusts me hard. 10.984 @ 119.61 to my 13.150. As I'm driving back on the return road, I'm looking at this car that blew me away. It has a Badass Racing Engines sticker in the back window, no wonder. Next thing, I see the helemt come off and long hair. Oh no! Now my friends keep rubbing it in that I lost to a girl. That is one fast car you built Arron.

Rich Romeo Sonoma, CA

Hey Aaron, just wanted to thank you again for the engine you built for my mustang. After logging close to 3,000 miles on it (including a recent trip to Reno) I can tell you that it's just perfect for the driving that I do. One of these days, you will have to take it for a spin. Anyway, I hope things are going well for you. Thanks again.

Pete Lenzi plenzi1@attbi.com

Arron & the Bad Ass Racing Team saved me over $3000 ! Thanks to the knowledge that comes from dedication & experience, Arron Johnson was able to diagnose a problem I was having with my newly purchased classic truck. He recognized that vandalism caused the problem & took photos as well as saving the evidence for both the insurance company & the police report. Arron is the reason I purchased my truck. I knew from his reputation& after meeting him that he would be honest as well as patient with me. He takes the time to explain the mechanics of what he is doing. That is something that I really appreciate. There are a few people that are important to a well functioning, stress free life, I count Arron Johnson among those who make my life easier. Thank you for everything Arron

Patricia Callihan Cowlady@vom.com

Car has been running great ever since it left your shop! I'd like to get it nicely tuned, since I've been tinkering with her, but that's the fun of it, right! I'm currently working on suspension and rearend. I bought some under rider bars for the 67 stang, and would like to switch over to posi 3.50 or 3.8o's soon. I'll be giving you a call soon, but just wanted to let the world know how much your customers appreciate you! - Andre '67 Stang Coupe

Andre Soileau syphonrealms@hotmail.com

Arron, I've been working with a SuperStock buddy in IL (MoneyMaker racing) on the suspension of Missy's car. It daylighted both front tires several times today!! And ran a 10.87 @ 123.8mph :-) We still have some more work to do on the suspension,and we can get another .1 -.2 off the et with the" little" slicks. hahaha Steve M. was out there and was commenting that Melissa's car is faster than his. haha And a guy with a '67 or 68 stang that you're building a 408 w/ huffer for, spent some time with us in the pits. Of course we told him he made the right choice w/ you as his engine builder! He's a Doc in Calistoga and was very impressed. I just had to ask him what he was gonna do with 800 hp with street tires. LOL As far as the racing, Melissa lost by a .0016 mov, at 123 mph. That is less than an inch!! That was close! The guy that won got out of his car and said" that was a fucking great race, the best I've had in a long time"!! We wondered why the win light didn't come on in Missy's lane, but it's hard to judge an inch from 1320' away. Any way, you and Melissa earned respect from the hard core bracket racers today. Have a good one! Steve

Steve Westerman, Sonoma, CA stevecj79@aol.com

Missy brought home a 1st place trophy from Sac Raceway tonight! The engine is running great! (Missy's dad about her Bad-Ass 408 powered, 10 second 66 Mustang)

Steve Westerman, Sonoma, CA stevecj79@aol.com

Thanks for the motor! Plenty of power. I took 3rd in my first race with it (bonneville 100) .383/forged/hyd.roller. Can't wait to get a better set of headers and have it tuned. If this motor wasn't well built it would be dead already. I drove it to Wendover (from mt.shasta), raced it for 100 miles at 100 mph average speed, and drove home the next day. See popular hot rodding, Aug 2002 (this month's) pg.26 for a shot of my camaro leading the pack.

jon sikora, mt.shasta, ca mksikora@juno.com

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I took 3rd place in the car show in Windsor on Saturday. It was my division 65 to 69 modified, but get this, here's the kicker...out of about 90 cars entered I took best of engine which made me very happy!!!! I just want to thank you one more time and hope to see ya at a show.

Paul Alabona, Cotati, CA radolds@saber.net

Just wanted to let you know that the 350 shortblock you built for me for my blower (JE pistons, Eagle rods, ect.) runs bad ass brother! Runnin' great, I have nothing but praise for your work. I'm sendin' a pic of the camaro soon, go ahead and put it up in your gallery if ya want. Thanks again man! Matt

Matt KSPRITEY@aol.com

Just finsihed writing out a deal with Aaron. He's about to make me one" Bad-Ass" 351W engine. Once he's done building the engine, it'll go into my 67 Stang along with a new C-6 trans, and a ton of little goodies, such as: new bucket seats, cage, gauges and all that fun stuff. A great guy, and if you have any doubts, lose 'em now. If you need something done, and if it's bad ass, go to Aaron, he's awesome!

Andre syphonrealms@hotmail.com

I am very pleased with these guys. I had some questions regarding an old Chevy engine pulled out of a Agricultural Combine. I acquired the engine and Arron was patient and spent some time helping me determine exactly what type of engine I had so I could order the right parts for it. He did this when I would probably have to pay someone for that expertise. I can tell these guys would go the extra mile on there service. Thanks for the help!

ROGER SHORTT, IA rsshortt@msn.com

One of my friends made a stupid decision of buyin a so-called "450 horsepower" 383 off of ebay for less than the engine would cost in parts alone, swearing to me that it was built with all top quality parts, and wouldn't break.....well the engine ran ok for about 2 weeks till it grenaded and broke pretty much all the reciprocating assembly..the funny thing is I told him to go to Arron a week before he bought the engine and spend a little extra cash to get a truly badass well built engine! Arron BUILDS THE BEST ENGINES AROUND!! look at all his customers with rippin cars! Thanx for helping me with my '66, 'cant wait to put that badass 383 in!

Jake Wade, Sonoma, CA Chevelle20@hotmail.com


David Jenkins, mill valley, ca

If you want the Baddest ass motor around that will rumble your wifes tits when she goes for a ride then you have come to the right place. Arron has built three motors for me and they have all been ass kickin monsters!

MMFN West, Brandon USN Santa Rosa, CA

Dear badass engines killer web site the best I have ever seen. I know a little bit about your product's. Arron built a chevy 350 for a real good friend of mine this friend of mine is a little crazy!! He put Arron's engine in a Toyota 4x4 and there has so far been nothing that can touch this truck in the mudd boggs, big or small block, this badass engine smokes them all! I'm not sure who is crazier, Arron for putting that mutch power in Bob's hands or Bob for driving it, but none the less badass engines kick ass!!! You guys are #1 hands down Thanks Arron for the tech tips you answered for me. BADASS KICKS ASS!!!

Patrick Quinliven, Willits, CA pqchevy4x476@hotmail.com

Very informative tech tip section. I was impressed with your "real world" advice concerning ignitions and spark plugs. A while back I replaced my HEI system with a "Top of the Line" MSD 6AL system, complete. About $400. I immediately noticed a big improvement in performance. After having electrical problems of all types, I re-installed the stock HEI, AFTER having it recurved and rebuilt at the local shop. To my surprize, the engine performed better yet! Problem was just improper advance in the first place. Thank you for all of the advice that "ACTUALLY" works!!

James Pekarek, Vancouver, WA jpekarek@asyst.com

Holy shit! On Saturday march 31 I took first place in the Lakeport mud boggs! I owe it all to badass racing! Thanks Arron, for building me a 350 that domminated the V8 class.

Bob Ortiz, Willits, CA

Aaron, finally got around to visiting your web site. It looks great. To all who reads this, I had Aaron build an engine and trans for my newly restored 70 Mach 1 Mustang about 4 months ago and it runs great. We had a problem with the transmission which ended up not being anything Aaron did wrong but he took care of it imediately. It was a defective modulater valve. I would also like to point out to those of you that have cars with nice paint jobs or interiors. When I visited Aaron's shop while the work was being done, Aaron had soft fender covers on my car to protect my new paint as well as towels on the interior seats so they wouldn't get dirty. That is detail most other shops wouldn't even consider. Great job Aaron and thanks for such great service. Steve Henderson

Steve Henderson, Santa Rosa, CA steve1dr@aol.com

Arron, I have known you since you rolled your Chevelle. Glad to see that you have survived long enough to put this business together. This web site is bitch'in. To everyone out there, I have run Mustangs with Arron, and he truly builds smokin' motors. No messing around here. If you want it to go fast he can build it and he knows his shit.Arron I'll see you for that disc brake conversion soon. Take care.

David Gast gast@cds1.net


Mark Bartoszek, stafford, va 1fstchevelle@cs.com

It is nice to find someone to connect with in Sonoma who can help out with my daughter's 55 Ford Fairlane Victoria. It was great to be able to learn a little more about this car and to have you take some time to be willing to explain it to someone who isn't really into cars! You knowledge is awesome and your car sense is way above the norm. You made me realize that I did make the right choice in letting my daughter purchase this car...and now...all we need to do is keep it on the street for a longer stretch! I know....I know....an old car.....stuff happens....yada yada yada! Thanks again for everything! Keep it on the RIGHT side!

Liz MacDonald, Sonoma, CA lizmac@vom.com

Well everybody, If it's time for you to finally build the motor that you always dreamed about, BAD-ASS should be your choice. Arron has been buildin them for himself and all of us for over 20 years now.I think one of my favorite stories is...The day I drove by his house at 9pm and he was washing his small block chevy on his front lawn. Mind you, this was just the block.I thought nothing of it until the next day, when he drove his car with that motor, past my work!!!!! Burning the tires all the way down the street. Then just a few hours later, he takes it to sears point and runs an 11 second run in the quarter. With half-ass street tires. This guy is crazy!!!!... in a good way. All I can say is...after he builds your motor, you better know how to drive!!!!!

Daniel Cannuli, Sonoma, Ca.thetrainman@webtv.net

Arron; I really like your web site. All the tech info and show news is great. I really like all the photos of everybodys rides. The "Bird" is running great. Strong and cool.... I just got it out of winter storage and its time to clean it up for the Graffitti Shows. Your pal; Ron

Ron Govig, Modesto, CA rongovig@worldnet.att.net

I bought one of Aaron's 450 HP Chevy 350's for my 68 Camaro and it kicks-ass! Thanks for the great deal Aaron and your new web site is outta' site! See you at Sears Point!

Scott Stevens, El Sobrante, CA scottman@aol.com

Take it from me, don't even think about having that other guy build your motor. I did such that and I had to send my 460 down to Bad-Ass Racing to have it done the correct way. I found out that working with Aaron he answered all of my questions and more, he is always quick with getting back to you with an e-mail or a call and he saved me some money along the way. Hey Aaron it was worth the long wait, I appreciate all of your TIME and patience with me. Thanks

Chad Taffar, East Wenatchee,WA Rangercrt@aol.com

I have a 68 camaro convertible that i'm proud to have a BadAss motor in. Arron built me a real nice 383 / forged internals / roller cam a couple years ago that has done many track days and pony express / silver state events. That motor has been 100% reliable and fast (165 mph on radar) - plus I often drive it 10 or more hours to an event, race all weekend, and drive home. 450 hp and 20 mpg. Never left me stranded or had a dnf. Someone asked me earlier this season "how many motors a year do you go through?" Motors per year? Don't you mean years per motor? Who's building your motors? I'm having Arron freshen it this winter, not that it needed it, I wanted more power, so we're putting on bigger cam / heads. It, of course, was perfect inside. One warning - expect a broken trophy shelf. Thanks Arron.

Jon Peters, Mt. Shasta, CA mksikora@juno.com

After looking at your testimonial page I doubt there will be any room for mine. It seems as though you have built a lot of Bad-Ass motors that your clients are proud of. Well you can count me in too! I have had many other motors built from other builders that either blew up or were slow as hell. I searched all over for a Professional engine builder after being dissapointed so many times. Thank the racing gods I found you. The engine you built for my GT 500 Shelby totally kicks ass! I have my rev limiter set at 7000 rpm and hit it quite often. You reccommended building my engine for strength as well as horsepower which is the only way to go. It is truly a Bad-Ass engine. Pictures will follow shortly. Lets think about building an Aluminum 427 or a Supercharged 428. Hey, we could supercharge the 427 too!

Del Stuermer, Pollock Pines, CA DStuermer@aol.com

Hey Arron, just wanted to pass on to you that H.H. and Mike over at Advanced Dyno were quite impressed at the engine you built for my Mustang. I am pleased to report that the nice broad, flat torque curve is awesome with peak power coming in 5,800 rpm (exactly where you told me it would be!!) By the way, this thing LOVES the Paxton system. Now that I have had a taste of boost, I doubt that I will ever go back!! Take care.

Pete Lenzi plenzi1@attbi.com

Hey Aaron, this is "Mod-Bog Bob", I just wanted to let you know that the engine you built me a couple of seasons ago is still going strong. I just can;t believe it! The Friday night burn-out competetion, I wound that motor out all night, three different burn-outs in a row for over 3 minutes apiece, and that motor still held together perfectly. Saturday night was the Mud Bogs. I had a good time. I had the fastest qualifying times there. I'm an idiot, but what can I say (LOL), I got a little too confident though and got knocked-out in the 3rd go-around. Coming-in, there was guy next to me and I thought "ah, no big deal", I pull up to the line, but I accidentally stuck it in first gear. I wasn;t able to hit second until the end of the pit. Sorry about that, I'll make it up to you in Ukiah, I'm sure I'll win that one. I got your number out to a few people, so I'm sure you'll be getting some calls. Thanks again. See ya!

" Mud-Bog Bob" Ortiz, Willits, CA.
V-8 powered Toyota 4x4

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